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Blockchain for Product Developers

Frontier Foundry
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Oct 12 5:00PM - 8:00PM

In 2017, public awareness of blockchain technology has surged. Despite an increase in meetups and events, there has been little focus on the underlying tech skills needed to contribute to this ecosystem.

With this in mind, we're launching a meetup series targeted specifically to those who are interested in becoming involved as technical developers. We will provide context for the rapid increase in blockchain adoption within our industry, help you understand how to level up your tech knowledge to participate, and share solutions across disciplines.

The talks and discussion during the meetup series will help you translate the skills you use in your existing role to the skills needed in the rapidly evolving blockchain industry.

We intend to do a series of meetups covering all aspects of product development with blockchain and decentralized tech. For this first event, we'll be doing short overview "lightning" talks of about 10 minutes each, with presenters showcasing some of the tech they've experimented with, resources for getting started, and general discussion about blockchain.

A special thanks to our joint venue hosts VentureLabs and The Incubate Innovate Network of Canada for making this meetup possible!

Speaker Bios

Boris Mann, Frontier Foundry

Boris has been active in the Vancouver startup ecosystem for over a decade. After a successful string of startups, Boris went on to co-found the Open Angel Society, a non-profit community initiative to improve angel funding. He also works nationally with NACO on various founder & funder causes. Boris recently co-founded Frontier Foundry, which is building a blockchain powered global platform to support tokenizing securities around early stage funding. Based in Vancouver, Frontier is helping to build a Canadian base that connects to emerging markets with blockchain and decentralized web technologies.

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Beier Cai, Firstcoin

Beier is co-founder & CTO at FirstCoin Capital, and was previously a founding employee and senior director of engineering at Hootsuite, building out Hootsuites platform from the ground up. His passion on distributed systems led to his obsession with Blockchain technology which he truly believes will transform our lives.

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Bob Summerwill, Consensys, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

Bob is the vice-chair of the Technical Steering Committee for the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. He works remotely for ConsenSys here in Vancouver. Bob is a software engineer and architect, who worked on AAA videogames for EA Sports for the majority of his career, before pivoting into financial technology with a spell at TD Securities in Toronto where he also dove head-first into the Ethereum scene. His work on C++ cross-builds for mobile Linux led to a contract at the Ethereum Foundation working full-time on cpp-ethereum, before he joined ConsenSys late in 2016 to work on the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA). He is based in Vancouver, BC.

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Brooklyn Zelenka, Robot Overlord

Founding partner at Robot Overlord Software, Vancouver's leading functional programming consultancy. Founder of Code & Coffee, Vancouver Erlang/Elixir, and Vancouver Functional Programmers meetup. Author of numerous Elixir libraries, including Exceptional and Witchcraft.

Deep interests in functional programming, PL theory, principled software, scalable and fault tolerant systems, and developing teams. Brooklyn has done work for a few well known companies, including Facebook, Uber, and Lonely Planet, generally building prototypes, official reference implementations, and establishing best practices for new API products. She has worked both as a solo developer, and built/lead teams for such projects. Robot Overlord also offers corporate tech training (students from 9 countries and counting), and technical change management.

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