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Bike Packing/Camping-Desert Pass Campground

Southwest Bikes
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May 20 7:00AM - 8:00AM

Have you ever wanted to do a bicycle overnight camping trip? Well, we are going annd you are invited! We will be starting at the Desert National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center, 16001 Corn Creek Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89166. We will ride approximately 25 miles on a rugged gravel road to our campsite at Desert Pass Campground. This is at 6700 foot elevation so a 3 season sleeping bag works best for this in April. We will camp overnight, cook our own food, and have a peacefull night at the campsite. Please understand, we will be completely self contained by what we carried with us on our bicycles. If you come up with another, loads can be combined. We will cook dinner, drink whiskey, sleep, cook breakfast and head back! Wanna go?

If you have never done this before but have an adventurous spirit, Southwest Bikes can help you out with the necessities. This is a list of what you will need to bring,

A bicycle capable of traveling over rough gravel roads

Mountain Bike, Adventure Bike, Gravel Bike

Tent (3 season packable recomended)

Sleeping Bag(3 season packable recomended)

Pad (optional but recomended)

Camp Pillow(optional but recomended)

PLENTY of water!

Flashlight or headlamp

Food for dinner and breakfast and snacks (Dehydrydated food packs well and is light)

Campstove (can be combined with other people on trip)

Eating utensiles

Lighter or matches

Small first aid kit


We can help put these things together for you if you want to do this adventure but need the gear.

It is possible we may have one or two Salsa Adventure bikes available if someone is interested, let me know.

How to find us:Car pool from Southwest Bikes to Desert National Wildlife Refuge

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