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Big Sycamore Canyon from Thousand Oaks to Point Mugu State Beach Park

Shepherd Church Mountain Biking Club
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Apr 14 7:00AM - 9:00AM

Update for weather: low of 51, high temp of 68!! woo hooo!

Sycamore Canyon and Pt Mugu State Park are sooooo worth the trek. Great trails, great views, and always lots of fun.

All new riders are requested to bring or email a signed waiver for Shepherd Church. You may get yours from either this link 2017 Shepherd Sports Waiver ( download a copy from the Church's website: Shepherd Sports Mountain Bike Club (

By riding with the Shepherd Church Mountain Bike Club I understand and accept the following:

I understand that mountain biking can be dangerous and accidents can result in either injury or death.

I understand that it is my responsibility to determine if my riding skills match the difficulty of the trail we are riding on.

I understand that ride schedulers accept no responsibility for my safety on any ride, and that I undertake any ride knowing that I and I alone am responsible for my safety on the ride.

*** Mosquito Alert*** Earlier in the summer, there were LOTS of the little biters in Sycamore Canyon, where some of the creeks have slowed to allow for plenty of breeding grounds. No recent updates, but if you are considered particularly delicious by the little beasts (and you know who you are), I suggest spray with repellent before this ride, even over the clothes, as they WILL bite through tights/spandex.

Directions (same intersection as that above):

4128 Potrero Rd
Thousand Oaks, CA 91361

Take the 101 Freeway North towards Ventura to the Wendy Drive Off-ramp. Stay left on the off-ramp and turn left onto Wendy Drive. Proceed south toward the ocean. Take Wendy Drive through the residential neighborhood all the way until it dead-ends into Portrero Rd. Park in the dirt lot by the fence. You should find Shepherd Riders there.

Ride Description:

Level: Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced (Multiple Options). The group will stay together for the first portion of the ride then divide into smaller groups based on skill and interest.

Ride Duration: About 3 hours moving time / Total ride time approximately 4 hours with breaks

Miles/Roundtrip: 18.6 miles or less for those who turn back earlier on the routes.

Bathrooms at Trail: Yes there is a facility at the first part of the trail and also a Porta-Potty further into the ride.

Tree/Shade Coverage: Yes, there is some coverage along the route, but the routes are mostly exposed to the sun, since the vegetation hasn't come all the way back after recent fires. So Bring Sunblock and Chapstick and alot of water and snacks to keep you going.

This ride starts at a scenic part of the trail and heads to a paved road, then down a steeper paved road know as "Black Betty", among other names. Then we are on the Big Sycamore Canyon trail. From there we have a few options to choose from:

Beginners Level Option: Take Sin Nombre and Two Foxes to Wood Canyon then Go straight to the Beach via Big Sycamore Canyon and back, then back UP "Black Betty". (approx 18mi - >1000ft elevation gain). Strava: (

Intermediate to Advanced Level Option: Take Sin Nombre to Two Foxes to Guadalasco to Backbone or Overlook trail, then back up Big Sycamore and back UP "Black Betty". (18.6mi - >2000ft elevation gain). Strava Map:

Relive - Computer animation of route: Sycamore to Guadalasco (

IMPORTANT: Although some posted rides are considered intermediate to advanced level a strong beginner-level rider should be able to make it.
This ride is LONG in mileage and so requires a lot of endurance therefore beginners are encouraged to stick to the Beginner Level Option for that reason.
As always, all riders should be aware that mountain biking can be extremely physically demanding. Each rider should be conscious of their own limitations. It is encouraged to walk any sections of the trail you are not comfortable riding. Dont be surprised if you are not able to keep up with the group your first time out. Dont get discouraged. It will take some newcomers a few rides before they can build up their leg strength, cardio and overall technique before feeling at home on a mountain bike trail. be encouraged We will have volunteers that will help you along the way and stay with you at your pace.

See more Newcomer Recommendations at the bottom of this post.

What to Bring:

Helmet (mandatory)

Water (in bike cage and/or in your back pack)

Snacks for energy

Extra bike tube and patch kit

Bike Pump

Apparel appropriate for trail riding

Protective eye ware

Sun screen lotion

Multi-tools, etc. for mechanical issues

2-way radio if you have one (will select channel before ride)

Please post comments or contact the ride hosts if you have any other questions or concerns about this ride.

Newcomer Recommendations (cont.):

Continue training throughout the week in order to build up strength and riding skills.

Attend the CORBA (The Concerned Off-Road Bicyclists Association) Free Mountain Bike Skills Clinics, held the 1st Saturday of each month;

"Although the Shepherd Church MTB Club in not affiliated with CORBA some or our riders have benefited immensely from the free training they provide. You can visit the CORBA website here: http:// and join their MeetUp Group Here: http://

"Happy Trails"

How to find us:

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