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Big Easy Pop Up Choir! Come sing The Jackson Five's "ABC" with us!

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Dec 12 7:30PM - 9:00PM

Come out this week to sing the Jackson Five hit "ABC"

Come Sing With Us! All Skill Levels Welcome! No Auditions! Just Lots of Fun! Event starts at 7:30 PM. Social Hour at 6:30 PM

Check out our website for full details.

Please follow us on Social Media.

We are also on Twitter and Facebook. This is were we will announce what the song of the week is, along with a YouTube link. The link is usually the original artist, or someone with a similar arrangement. Get familiar with the words! This will make the process easier once we get started.

Come Early (6:30 PM) for the "Social Hour". Pay your five bucks cover charge, and get a song sheet. Bring your Friends, or Make Some New Ones. We are all about inclusiveness and having fun. Relax and have a good time. Everyone is welcome! Pay your five bucks, and get a Song Sheet. Come early, and read the lyrics.

Figure out your range. No Judgment here. No one is going to make you audition, or assign you a range. Just find a range you are comfortable with.

We then rehearse and learning the song and harmonies. We spend 90 minutes or so, breaking the song down to sections. We go section by section. We learn and practice each harmony. Then we sing that section as the Choir. We do this with the entire song. This is lots of fun. Dont worry if you make mistakes. Again, the whole idea is that we all enjoy ourselves.

We have run through and shoot a video! Once we have it all figured out (Heh-Heh), we do a run through of the entire song. Then we do it for real in front of the crowd at Rock n Bowl, and make a video. The video will be available online the very next day!

How to find us:Please note that this week, we will meet up in THE GRANDE HALL @ Rock n Bowl. This is on the right side of the parking lot. We will still go into the main venue at 9:00 PM to sing to the crowd. We are welcome to stay for the rest of the night.

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