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Beyond the Magic Pill How I Reached My Health Goals - by Lukas Fingerle

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Nov 15 7:00PM - 9:00PM

Beyond the Magic Pill How I Finally Reached My Health Goals - a conference by Lukas Fingerle

Throughout our lifetime it is likely we will, at one time or another, struggle against our own bodies. Whether it be a problem with our physical or mental health, overcoming the hardship can take it out of the best of us.In Lukas talk he will share his experience of battling against Crohns disease and fighting through it to live a life on his own terms. Eight years after his diagnosis and jumping from medication to medication with minor success, he started taking his health into his own hands and has not stopped experimenting since. Within three months his inflammation markers where in a healthy range, for the first time since in eight years.

Since then he shared his strategy and experiments with over 600 other IBD sufferers and helped many of them do the same. In the process he started spotting patterns of people who succeed and those who don't. He will present those patterns and explain how with the right approach and attitude everyones health goals are attainable!

Some of the topics covered are:

- Why Lukas says having Crohns is one of the best things that ever happened to him

- How to use the newest science to achieve extraordinary results

- Why nutrition is the key but most well-known diets miss the most important point

- How to motivate yourself to make lifestyle changes

- Why solely relying on others to guide your health-related path does not work

- What the 80/20 rule of health looks like

Lukas is not a medical professional, and he won't obviously provide you any medical advice.But he will share with you how he managed to bring under control an extremely serious disease. With the rising prevalence of auto-immune diseases, his experience is most relevant to many of us. So we look forward to your attendance to his conference !

There is an 8$ entrance fee to cover snacks and drinks.

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