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Better than Wine: Sex, Love and intimacy by God's design

Longshot Ministries
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Feb 10 9:00AM - 3:00PM

If you have ever thought that the Bible was either silent or opressive on the topic of sex and intimacy, you might want to attend this conference. In one day, Pastor Aaron Goeke will walk you through a detailed look at the Song of Solomon, and help you see God's beautiful and enjoyable design for relationships. We hope you will join us.


Do you have to be a member of Messiah Lutheran Church to join?

No. No church affiliation is necessary

6 hours is a long time. Will there be breaks? Lunch?

Yes, there will be a break at least once an hour, and lunch will be provided with no extra cost.

Who is the target audience?

Many people will benefit from this: Married Couples, Dating and engaged couples, single people who desire a God pleasing relationship. Parents of children who are dating. Anyone interested in Biblical truths.

Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

No minimum age will be enforced, but the participants must be able to hear about adult topics and recieve them in a mature way. Generally, middle school age is the youngest we would recommend.

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