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Beginners Instruction-Learn Rinzai Zen Meditation

The Zen Rebel Project
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Sep 16 8:25AM - 10:25AM

Learn a practice that has stood the test of 2600 years! Learn zazen meditation in the Rinzai Zen style. Please note that this is a rigorous practice, but one that can be learned at all ages. The format has changed to allow the first time student to discuss the experience of Zazen and have any questions addressed. Be prepared to stay for the 2 hour instruction period. This is the prerequisite class for AZC Zendo, but once you have tried it you can join any of our daily practice periods and retreats. This class is free, however we suggest a donation of $5-20. AZC is a non-profit community zen center and is completely operated and supported financially by the community that uses it.

Beginner's Instruction
8:30 Posture & Zendo Etiquette
9:30 Zazen(meditation)
10:00 Discussion/Questions
10:25 Zazen(optional)

Please wear flexible, comfortable pants and shoes that can be quickly removed and donned.

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