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Beginner Rappel Session

San Diego Micro Adventures
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Jul 15 7:00AM - 9:00AM

Hey Guys,

Since we have scheduled an upcomingcanyoneering eventin Kernville in a few weeks, I thought this would be a great time to have another beginner rappel session. This is strictly an intro to rappelling and is in no way an actual course, as I am not certified in any way to teach such techniques. But... I can tell you that we will be explaining the basics and employing safety techniques with multiple levels of redundancy, such as:

Rappelling off of 2 ropes for added friction and ease of grip.

Use of gloves (bring gloves).

Use of an Auto Block.

Use of a Fireman's Belay from below.

We will be rappelling from a height of only about 30 feet, and should be able to get in a little rock climbing as well.

Items you will need:

Climbing harness

Climbing shoes are nice but not required

Gloves (leather palmed would be nice)

Belay/Rappel Device

We will have everything else that is needed

Maybe bring some water and a snack.

So, come out and join us, and get started on another bucket list item.

Sorry for the early start time, but it should be getting pretty warm out there.

Take care and see you out there!


How to find us:TBD

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