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Beat the Clock - test your bike riding fitness and skills! (1 of 4)

Pen Velo Women's Cycling
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Feb 10 7:00AM - 9:00AM

What we'll do
Are you curious about bike racing, or just looking to improve your fitness? There's nothing quite like racing to drive improvement. Time trials are you against the clock. How fast can you go? Come and test yourself at this low-key practice event. There are four sessions scheduled; see if you can get faster and faster over time!

Even though we'll be doing the actual effort solo, sign up for this Meetup event if you'd like to meet up with Colleen and possibly other members of the Pen Velo women's team before or after the effort. We are also doing an Endurance ride after this, so feel free to keep riding with us! (Sign up for the Endurance ride Meetup event separately.)

What is Beat the Clock?

Beat the Clock is a fun, low-key time trial series which allows cyclists of all abilities to test their speed and skill on a 10-mile out-and-back course on Canada Road. A portion of the proceeds will go toward funding the Bicycle Sunday program run by the San Mateo County Parks Department. This program closes the north end of Canada Road every Sunday, allowing people of all ages to cycle, walk, run, skateboard, skate-ski or participate in almost any nonmotorized activity (ball and Frisbee sports excepted). For the full event details, please visit the event page:

What to bring
Your time trial bike or road bike, helmet, water, and anything else you need to be safe and comfortable for this ride.

Important to know
You MUST register in advance online to participate. Registration closes at Thursday, Feb 8, 2018 at 10:00 PM PT. Register here:

If you are planning to do this on a road bike (no TT equipment) sign up for the Merckx style category.

How to find us:Look for our Pen Velo tent and our red-and-white cycling kits!

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