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Be Happy Camper and Attend Brand Camp!

The Design Office
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Jan 21 8:00AM - 4:30PM

You are a brand. You call it reputation. We call it brand. In the end, they are the same: a process for shoppers to judge you against your competition. May we ask, is your brand working for you or against you? Is it a friend or a foe? Whatever you answer, Brand Camp is here to help! How much is up to you.

Brand Camp is an active learning experience. If youre not ready to move, talk and engage with new people, then Brand Camp might not be for you.You dont come to Brand Camp to sit around and look at the walls. You come to engage; to see and talk about your brand in new and different ways. Its not a class or a lecture. Its not someone reading you Powerpoint slides that you can easily read on your own. Its brainstorming and creative activities designed to revitalize and invigorate your brand. If you dont leave stronger and more excited than you did when you walked in (or have been in a long time) you didnt go to Brand Camp!

Brand Camp is designed for beginners without experience. Theres no jargon, acronyms or insider content. The goal of Brand Camp is to give small independent business tools they can actually use. Tools that make marketing and sales more effective.Facilitated by Brand Guru, small business owner, respected educator and all around swanky guy E.H. Howard; Brand Camp is what every business needs to make 2019 better than 2018. Who doesnt want that?!?!

Brand Camps are small by design. Secure your space before its gone!

In addition to an invigorated brand, Brand Camp gives you:

A stronger, more focused vision of your dream client and how to engage with them better.

A tagline that connects with consumers, making you easy to remember, hard to forget.

A basic, easy to maintain marketing plan and strategy.

A strong set of initial and customizable social media posts.

Develop a flexible, easy to remember 30-second commercial to make networking a breeze.

A strong understanding of how brand stories can leverage you more referrals.and an increase in qualified sales....

Lunch and a complimentary copy of WORK, our brand development manual

All that and a lot more!!!

For more information on this and other Design Office events visit: BRANDCAMP.DESIGNOFFICE.US

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