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Bartlett Lake Day on Saturday

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Sep 16 7:00AM - 8:00AM

Saturday at Bartlett - all day.

Split the cost of gas and food...

- We will leave my house at 7 AM.
- We stop at the gas station to fill up the truck and boat and then at the grocery store to buy food and drinks.
- Once we get to the lake we will wakeboard till it gets choppy and rough.
- We take a long, long lunch, eat, hike, swim, play football, etc...
- When the water starts to calm down we then wakeboard till dark or till we run out of gas.
- We wipe down and clean the boat, usually in the dark.
- On the way home we usually stop someplace in Cave Creek, lately it's been at Harold's or The Hideaway.
- We usually get home late, anywhere from 9-12...

We do not wakesurf! The boat is an '06 SAN with Perfect Pass.

The cost is usually between $20 and $40 bucks plus your food and drink. I just want to wakeboard and want to meet cool people. I'm 42 and want to have fun. The average age on the boat is usually around 25 or 30.

If you don't want to meet at my house you can meet me at the Fry's Grocery Store (10450 N 90th St, Scottsdale, AZ 85258) at 8AM. Please text me and let me know if you are meeting at my house or at Fry's.

Please don't sign up unless you are sure that you are going all day. We can figure out the half-day people after I am sure I have enough for a full day. I don't like doing a half-day. It's just too much trouble to get the boat out, drag it up there for three hours, and then drag it home.



How to find us:Price/Broadway in Tempe, text me for the address!

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