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Bare Bones Yoga Business Bootcamp: From Initial Idea to Basic Implementation

Karen Fabian, Founder, Bare Bones Yoga
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Feb 10 9:00AM - 11:00AM

Thinking about starting a business? Have an idea but not sure how to start? Or maybe you've started a business but are not sure you got off on the right foot? My name is Karen Fabian and along with running my own yoga business, I coach entrepreneurs on many aspects of starting a business. Much of my work is with people starting wellness based businesses but the techniques and the steps I'll share with you in this workshop apply to all different kinds of business. This will be the first in a series of workshops designed to give you a broad overview of much of what's involved in working for yourself. In my experience over the past 8 years of running Bare Bones Yoga, I've found one of my biggest challenges was finding fellow entrepreneurs who are able to provide information about all aspects of business, rather than just one piece, like Facebook advertising. I spent a lot of time learning from others, investing in training, applying what I knew from my 20 year career in business and want to share this with new entrepreneurs so their path to starting their business is smoother than mine was!

In this first workshop of a 3 part series, we'll go over the basics from idea generation to basic implementation. We'll talk about how you test your business idea, how you develop your problem statement, identify your target market and then how you move from visualizing your business to operationalizing it. The first step is to identify how you'll make money through products and services. We'll walk through my proprietary Business Dashboard to test your idea and give you a roadmap to mapping out how you'll make money. This is where many business owners fall short; they have an idea and dive in but then a year later, are disappointed in the revenue and aren't sure why.

From there, we'll talk about some of the basics of website development and some first steps in implementing a digital marketing strategy.

It's important we start at this first step so subsequent workshops will make sense.

The training is 9-11 am on Saturday 2/10 and will be held in a rented space hosted by The address is 115 Newbury Street and you'll need to enter a code to get into the building and the actual meeting room. All the information is here:

If you have questions, email me at

The training is $79. Refunds are accepted up to ONE day prior to the event but not on the day of the event. Please note.

I look forward to seeing you there!


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