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Awaken the Healing Power Within Your Body and Mind

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Mar 21 7:30PM - 8:30PM

Awaken the Healing Power within Your Body and Mind

Awaken your body and minds innate healing power

Develop healthier and more fulfilling relationships

Learn to work constructively with your own emotions

Stimulate your minds innate problem solving capabilities

Develop new resources and capabilities

Become clear about your lifes purpose

Our bodies communicate with us all the time. Many of us are so over stimulated and stressed out that we cannot hear what our bodies are saying. We age faster and suffer many health problems when we do not know how to listen to what our body is telling us.

Discover the amazing wisdom that resides within your own body. Ben will show you how to develop your sensory awareness. Learn to truly listen to your body and care for its needs.

Stimulate the mind's creative problem solving capabilities by learning to "digest" issues, emotions and stresses

Many of us have never learned how to work with difficult issues and emotions. We tend to push these things down inside of ourselves. Undigested thoughts, issues, emotions and the stresses of daily life create a residue that accumulates within the tissues and organs of our bodies. That creates a great deal of additional stress upon our body and mind. These stresses can arrest our process of development, disconnect us from the divine creative intelligence of the universe and shut down our intuition. It also causes our bodies break down at a more rapid pace and that accelerates the aging process.

Learn to use your body-mind's innate healing power to "digest and assimilate" your thoughts feelings, emotions, issues and life experiences. You will begin to release the stresses that are held within the body and to heal the painful emotions associated with anxiety, depression and emotionally traumatic experiences. You will also learn to go right to the source of the issues to bring about a resolution that allows you to really move forward in your life.

Working with these practices helps to increase your intellectual and emotional range, improve memory, initiate new cycles of growth, awaken inner passions, spark creativity and deepen intuition. You will develop the strength and resilience that will make it easier for you to adapt to the demands that life places upon you.

Discover the passion and power that resides within you

Chinese Martial Arts Masters emphasize the development of a base of power known as the "dan tien". The stress of living in such a fast paced world can cause us to disconnect from our foundation. Undigested food, emotions and the stresses of daily life begin to accumulate within the abdomen. We may experience bloating and suffer from various digestive problems. Some of us begin to lose touch with our drive, passion, inspiration and the sense of knowing that reveals our true purpose as our instinctual base shuts down.

You will learn to become fully present within your body, to develop greater personal power, and to awaken the inner passion and sense of knowing that will bring give you a greater sense of clarity about your life's purpose.

Activate the healing intelligence that resides within the body and mind

We all have a powerful healing intelligence that resides within our bodies and minds. This innate healing power helps to mend our bodies any time we suffer an illness or injury. Our innate healing powers are often compromised by the stress and toxins that accumulate within our bodies.

Learn to activate the generative healing powers that reside within your own body and mind. Awaken the consciousness of the individual organs. Access and heal the emotions and core issues that are held within the body. These practices are very effective for healing digestive and respiratory disorders and a wide range of other health issues.

Alternate Tuesdays at 7:30 PM at Unity of Somerville, located at 6 William Street at the corner of College Avenue

Call (913)[masked] to learn more

Ben was drawn to indigenous cultures from an early age and found himself living among the Kiowa Tribe in Oklahoma at the age of seventeen. He began his training with Horace Daukei, the last surviving traditional doctor (medicine man) among the Kiowa Tribe. Ben went on to study with Chinese Master Li Tai Liang. He continues to train intensively in the Chinese systems of xin yi, bagua, tai chi and chi gong.

Please go to or call (913)[masked] for more information

How to find us:Go up the stairs to the double doors then turn to your left and you will see us meeting in the lobby

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