Agenda Discovery Week Month

Curated for Me

Authentic Expressions

Anica Birtasevic, Francesca Conforti, Jessica Durante
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Endorsed by Curators:
Dec 16 12:00PM - 3:00PM

Join The Forest Friends Collective for an afternoon of yoga, meditation, sound healing, authentic journalling and vegan snacks.This workshop is a uniqueone as we mobilize our cleared energy centres through intuitive authentic journalling.

Beginning with a clearing 1 hour of Gentle Hatha Yoga led by Forest Friend Anica to physically clear our energetic channels, we then move on to a grounding meditation and seal our divine attunement with a half hour Sound Bath.

Then we will engage in some truly one of a kind writingtechniques facilitated by Forest Friend Jessica, with the intention of finding yourown flow, letting automatic writing happen so you may experience the joy and healing of authentic journalling.

Vegan Snacks will be provided by Forest Friend Francesca to nourish us as we move, meditate and write our souls through time and space.

We look forward to co-create another sacred space with you all!

Warm love and light

- Forest Friends Collective

p.s. if any participants have any food allergies, please don't hesitateto shoot us an email at sowe can accommodateyou

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