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Attend the November EVADC Meeting

Electric Vehicle Association of Washington DC Meetup
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Nov 15 7:00PM - 9:00PM

Note: Not all members use Meetup. The average meeting has 20-40 participants.

Meeting Agenda

The meeting will be held at the Potomac Library, (10101 Glenolden Dr, Potomac, MD). Invite your friends and neighbors or especially someone who is talking about buying a new car.

Meeting Agenda - Will be updated before the meeting

1. Introduce any new members or visitors.

2.Recent Events

3. Updates on EV legislation, Charging, and other EV Items in the News

4.Who has a new EV they want to tell us about? Anyone building a new EV or updating an existing one?

5. Presentations:

6. Future Events:

As always we'll start off with Pizza, beverages and lots of talking and networking!

See theEVADCwebsite for more information about our group.

How to find us:The meeting is the medium sized meeting room.

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