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AT Newfound Gap to Snake Den (EXTREME)

Great Smokies Hiking & Adventure Group
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May 20 5:45AM - 6:45AM

Have you seen the sunrise at Newfound Gap? Do you want to get start hiking as it is coming up over thehorizon? This is a Liz Eitner hike that we did on July 4th, 2012.

Well, we have the event for you. This is not for the faint of heart. This is not for those who imagine hiking while inspecting their eyelids when the nightly news is on.

We will be hiking from Newfound Gap to the Snakes Den Ridge trail and out at Cosby Campground. This will be almost 25 miles.

For a map of the trail, click here.

For a map of the elevation, click here.

You must have hiked with me on hikes over 15 miles for this hike.

This hike will start early because we will be wanting to use as much of the daylight hours as we can. We still might finish in the dark. Sunset is around 8:00 pm.

Plans are to leave very early from Cosby Campground and travel to Newfound Gap. The drive will take about an hour.

This hike will be a tough hike, but it is very doable.

You may want to bring extra socks, to change into. You will want to have shoes that your feet enjoy hiking in along with moleskin, and duct tape just in case.

You will need appropriate food, snacks, and water, though we will have water filters available.

Once you start this hike, there is no turning back. You will have to finish it. Expect your feet to be hurting by the time you finish this hike.......... but you will feel great that you were able to do such a long hike when you tell your friends about it. You will have plenty of photo opportunities along the way for some great views that you will have to share with your friends, kids, years later when they give you the eye about did you really do that hike.

Come dressed for the weather.

After we retrieve all our vehicles we may want to get something to eat in Gatlinburg.

Due to being a shuttle, the number attending will be limited by my choice.

How to find us:Red Jeep Wrangler

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