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AR02 / Natural Solutions for Type 2 Diabetics / Learn How To Manage Your Blood Sugars / Little Rock, AR

Ben Rusk
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Nov 30 12:30AM - 11:30PM

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Watch this presenation to learn how I have been able to reduce my insulin by 40% in ONLY 7 DAYS...

AND STABILIZE my blood sugars into my target range of 120-140.

This is a NEW company bringing us an AWARD-WINNING product that is changing live.

Stick around after the presentation and watch the ENCORE presentation where I will walk you through all 7 Days of my AMZING experience while using these products.

Next Online Event Starts In 15 mins > > >CLICK HERE TO REGISTER < < <

After the presentations you will be invited to take the (FREE) WELLNESS ASSESSMENT that will show you where you currently sit on the Wellness Continuum and how you can order these incredibly amazing products to improve your heath score TODAY!


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Just want to chat about my experience and how these products may benefit you?

Give me a call anytime between 9am-9pm PST and I would be happy to fill you in.

Ben Rusk / Wellness Sponsor / Entrepreneur


Are You Looking For A New Opportunity That Is Perfectly Positioned In Today's Market?

Mental Health & Wellness / Award-Winning Products /
Outstanding Leadership Team /Customers Looking For This Exact Solution

Your timing could not be more perfect. Just us as we embark on our mission to bring Mental Health & Wellness to the world.

Give me a call TODAY and I will share with you what this amazing opportunity has to share.

Ben Rusk / Wellness Sponsor / Entrepreneur


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