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April 14 - Snap. Crackle. POP. Succeed...It's an Author Cornucopia Book Camp

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Endorsed by Curators:
Apr 14 8:00AM - 4:30PM

Who Should Attend: Authors, Emerging-Authors, Speakers, Trainers, Consultants
Alert: Early Bird Registration ends April 1st at $89 -- increases to $129 on April 2nd

Get ready to Snap Crackle Pop Succeed with your publishing and book marketing!

Snap . . . your head around to face forward into your success.
Crackle . . . with confidence so your brag grabs your audience.
Pop . . . your events, branding, messaging to grab your audience.
Succeed . . . with tech wizardry to implement every idea.

What do books, libraries, administrative assistants and getting organized all have in common? APRILall are recognized with various holidays and celebrations during this month. Come to this years cornucopia of ideas, strategies, tips and tricks to move your book success and author life forward. We promise, you will love this April day, designed just for you!

Its a jammed-packed day with five extraordinary experts in a variety of areasall areas every author should be snapping, crackling, popping with for author and book success. Get ready to learn and implement new strategies and tools with:

Learn from Judith Briles - What Sizzling Hot in Book Marketing this Year? Discover the Ninja in You!

Whether an author publishes with a traditional publisher, an indie or self-publisher, its the author who is responsible for the majority of book marketing. That means you. Your book is a product that needs to know and reach out to its potential buyer. You cant snap without a marketable book; you cant crackle without the know-how to push it, and you wont pop unless you become the #1 cheerleader. And, you cant have success without all three.

Learn from Susie Scott - Youre on the AIR! Electronic Media to Market You and Your Book
You love the written word how about the verbal one? A video can make your words crackle and pop in the eyes and ears of the viewer. Stunning graphics can accent your main points as they appear on the screen and stunning exits can pop them as they leave. Videos are sizzling hot for all ageshave you got yours ready?

Learn from Mara Purl - Whats Your THEME?
Drill down till you find your aquifer: your pure, distilled message. Then what? Build your branding, your messaging, and your events from there: structure, form, slogan, take-aways, social media messaging, website style, event planning, and even wardrobe!

Learn from Jeannette Seibly - Get Your Brag On! | Get Paid Writing Articles
When you talk about yourself and your booksdo you sound like youre bragging? To snap, crackle and pop awake your audiences require bragging in a business savvy manner. But theres a knack to it. Find out how to brag effectively!

Learn from Kelly Johnson - Easy-Peasy Hot Apps and Resources for Authors | Meet the Virtual Assistant!
Now that you know how to snap . . . crackle . . . and pop . . . how will you DO all that needs to be done to succeed? Kelly Johnson will share trade secrets, techniques, and special apps and programs to implement your messaging.

Are you ready for a FUN day; an INFORMATIVE day; and a TAKE ACTION day for you and your book? If you are be there. Space is very limited. Save $40 ... Early Bird registration ends on April 1.

What to bring
Enthusiasm, openness to learning, laptops

Important to know
We have bottomless coffee and tea ...lunch is included.


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