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Apprenti - The Tech Talent Pipeline That Innovates with Inclusion

Code Fellows & Washington Industry Technology Association
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Oct 12 5:30PM - 7:30PM

For years, tech companies have focused their recruitment strategies on hiring from top-tier universities. As some wonder whether these strategies cause a mirrortocracy rather than a meritocracy, the exploding demand for tech workers has outpaced the university systems ability to educate at a critical mass. The industry is left with stalled dev projects, wondering where they are going to find the future supply of talent.

Enter the resurgence of the apprenticeship model. Through partnerships between organizations like the Washington Technology Industry Association Apprenti program and quality immersive software development training programs, such as Code Fellows, a viable solution is on the horizon. Join us for an evening where industry leaders share the challenges and successes in creating innovative approaches to building talent pipelines that diversify their teams and create a healthy talent ecosystem within the industry.

Who Should Attend:

- CTOs & Technical Hiring Managers who recognize the need to invest in the future of the industry and are trying to figure out the best solution.

- Executives & Company Leaders who want to build more dynamic teams that can produce more innovative products and solutions.

- HR, Managers, Executives, & Diversity & Inclusion Leaders who are exploring ways to expand their diversity recruiting pipelines.

- Community Leaders in the Public & Non-Profit Sector who want to continue to break down barriers to create a more inclusive Seattle community.

- Change Agents who want to be champions of diversity within their companies.


5:30-6:00: Registration & Networking

6:00-7:00: Open Forum Discussion

7:00-7:30: Networking

*Space is limited so register early to reserve your spot!

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