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Zorba Studio - Osho Dallas Meditation Group
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Nov 15 7:00PM - 9:00PM

Dr. Amar Chandel, an internationally renowned author, spiritual guide, yogi and naturopathy doctor, will be visiting Dallas from Nov 15th to Nov 20th. During these days, He will be available to teach different levels of Holistic healing to group of aspirants.

Many friends has taken the course during his past visits to Dallas and they continue to learn from him in advance levels. We all agree that our lives has taken major shift toward better health & much peace in life. Many of us lost more than 20 pounds in body weight without staying hungry & much physical exercise. Weight loss is just not only the benefits we received from the course; it brought much peace, guidance & brightness to our life. We have much more energy than what we had before taking the course. The benefits are enormous, personal & differ from individual to individual.

Dr. Chandel saysHuman body is capable of living 140 years, but starts decaying very soon between the ages of 30 to 50 & become aged or mortal at around 70 just because we dont apply simple secrets of Yogic health to our life.

We strongly recommend this course to anyone whoever is interested in healthy & meditative life style.

He will be holding first session of total five sessions of holistic healing at Zorba Studio, Carrollton, TX at no cost. Feel free to come, join and ask questions and enjoy his gracious presence.

Timings: 7:00 PMto9:00 PM

Here are the details:


Emotional problems, diseases and pains have become a part of modern life. A majority of people suffer from headaches, migraine, sinus, blood pressure, neck pain, backache, diabetes, stress, jointache and what not, that too from a very young age. They spend a fortune on getting treatment, but the relief is only temporary.

Medicines are not at fault. The real difficulty is that all these are lifestyle problems, which just cannot be eliminated till we change our day-to-day life.

The Holistic Healing course teaches you what the root causes of the ailments are and how to remove them. These are some of the things that the course helps students in achieving:

1. Reducing their weight;

2. Controlling diseases like sinus, backache, blood pressure, spondylitis, anaemia, skin problems, piles, diabetes and joint pain etc

3. Freeing themselves from emotional difficulties like stress, lack of motivation, depression or aggression.


4. Improving their or their childrens memory and sharpening mental faculties.

This 12-hour module helps participants in modifying their lifestyle in accordance with the principles of Ayurveda and involves two and a half hours of intensive, comprehensive training daily for five days (six days if the sessions are limited to two hours daily). Many secrets of Yogic Sciences, diet and nutrition, proper breathing and meditation are revealed in an easy-to-follow manner.


Fifty-eight-year-old Amar Singh Chandel, author of the best-selling self-help book Perfect Health in 20 Weeks , has been practising integral yoga, naturopathy and Holistic Healing for the past more than three decades. During this period, he has helped thousands of persons get rid of supposedly incurable diseases only through lifestyle changes without the help of any medicine.

Weight management and natural enhancement of the body's capacity to heal itself are his speciality. He combines millennia-old yoga practices with state-of-the-art nutrition research to increase the body's immunity manifold.

He has devoted his life to learning and teaching advanced techniques of yoga, pranayama and meditation, which are an effective anti-dote against modern-day stress and tension.

The comprehensive stress-reduction program that he teaches has helped a large number of people get rid of emotional difficulties like depression, tension, mood swings, excessive sensitivity and anger.

He is a strong votary of maintaining one's ideal body weight if one has to lead a happy and healthy life. By following his comprehensive weight management plan, many obese students have lost as much as 70 kg.

He holds a first-class Diploma in Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences (DNYS) from the All-India Nature Cure Federation, New Delhi. He has been delivering lectures on subjects like "Health for Busy Professionals" in various universities, colleges and reputed organisations in India and abroad. Besides, he is invited regularly to Jalandhar Doordarshan to answer viewers health and nutrition related queries. His talks are also broadcast on Chandigarh 91.2 FM, Harman Radio, Australia and ATN Network, Canada.

He is a journalist by profession and holds MA, BSc, B.J., LL.B degrees. He has visited America, England, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Sweden,Luxemburg, Belgium,Holland, Israel, Canada, Egypt and China etc.



1. Why do we fall ill and suffer aches and pains 2. Our own role in these problems 3. Can diseases be predicted and prevented 4. Can these be cured without medical intervention 5. Role of what we eat 6. What purpose does food serve 7. What is the right way to eat 8. How wrong eating methods turn even healthy food into poison 9. How not to eat in excess 10. How to control cravings even without trying 11. Warning signals that we ignore 12. Extra weight is BAD.


1. Our amazing digestive system

2. What does it expect from us

3. The effect of bad digestion on the rest of the body 4. Foods that ruin digestive system: the five white snakes 5. How we turn dietary heroes into murderers 6. How to clean up the clogged colon the healthy way 7. Are carbohydrates really bad 8. All grains are not born equal 9. Rice is not the villain 10. Lentils (Dal) and how to get the most out of them 11. The protein paradox 12. How to tackle uric acid


1. Milk and health

2. How we ruin milk products

3. Sensitivities of a compromised digestive system 4. Foods to avoid when you are sick 5. Role of water in well being 6. How much water is too much 7. Water myths and reality 8. What type of water to avoid 9. Flushing out the toxins 10. Role of lemon and Indian gooseberry (amla) and other Indian herbs 11. Do energy drinks really energise


1. Importance of exercise

2. How much exercise is too much and too little 3. Best time to do exercise 4. Why do we not do it 5. Mandatory regularity 6. Sleep: how much and when 7. Acidic and alkaline foods 8. Maintaining the right ratio 9. Is sugar the culprit 10. How much is too much? What about fruits?

11. What causes depression and what to do about it 12. Significance of serotonin and endorphin 13. Calorie confusion 14. Weight loss: Gym or dieting?

15. How often to eat and what


1. Breath of life

2. Right way to breathe

3. Meditation: optional or compulsory

4. Meat: pros and cons

5. Portion sizes

6. Stress and health

7. How much should we eat

8. Terrible role of advertisements

9. Alcoholic drinks

10. Aerated drinks

11. Tea and coffee: the right way

12. Fasting: good or bad.

13. How to revive your body in a matter of 30 days

14. Vegetarians and protein deficiency

15. What to do about Vitamin B-12 if you don't eat meat

16. Confusion about oils and fats

17. Questions and answers session

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