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Aleksandra Pani The Red Enigma

Gallery 1313
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Aug 19 7:00PM - 10:00PM

Aleksandra Pani (pronounced Panich) is a young artist living and working in Montreal, Canada. In her paintings Aleksandra often refers to mythological subjects, legends and fairy tales. Through magical creatures the artist is trying to explore the complexity of human nature, feelings and emotions. Panics works are poetic, mysterious and full of symbols that she leaves for viewer to decode.

Aleksandra studied art in Dawson College and Concordia University (Canada) her works can be seen in galleries and private collections in USA, Canada, Brazil, United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal, China, Russia, Czech Republic & Serbia.

I have been always interested in the dark side. Since I could remember myself I was fascinated by grim legends, fairy tales, ghost stories and mystery novels. Growing up, I kept wondering till what extend these stories were real, where the fantasy was ending and the reality was beginning.
Later on all the
ghosts, fairiesand fantasticcreaturesthat were surrounding me in my childhood found their reflection in my paintings.Through my spirits, ghosts and deities I am trying to explore controversial human nature, its duality, as well as the experiences and emotions we face during our life path. My artworks are some sort invitation to the viewer to take ajourney inside his own soul.

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