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Aerobic Capacity Course

Chris Hinshaw
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Feb 01 9:00AM - 4:00PM

Chris Hinshaw is coming to CrossFit Mayhem in Cookeville, TN !!

The Aerobic Capacity Course is an approved CrossFit Preferred Course.This innovative course is ideally suited for all coaches and athletes looking to improve their muscular stamina and cardiovascular "engine". Join Coach Chris Hinshaw as he details his proven training methodologies to build work capacity and maximize athletic performance.


  1. Fatigue and athletic limitations
  2. Aerobic and anaerobic energy systems
  3. Build work capacity in all functional movements (e.g., weightlifting, gymnastics).
  4. Programming methodology, design, and purpose
  5. Core workout qualities to maximize fitness
  6. Muscule fiber assessment and development
  7. Aerobic threshold, lactate threshold, and VO2 maxtraining
  8. Athlete assessment


CERTIFICATES:Provided to each participant at completion of course.

LANGUAGE:The default language for this course is English.

CONTINUING EDUCATION UNITS (CEUs):Upon successful completion of this course, aCertified CrossFit Trainer may claim 6 CEUs towards their continuing education.

REFUNDS: No refunds or transfers.

COURSE DISCOUNTS:Please contact Aerobic Capacity at info@aerobiccapacity.comfor 20% discount for active duty or retired military personnel and first responders as well as a 50% discount for previous Aerobic Capacity Course attendees.


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8:30: Check-in.

9:00: Athlete Ownership & Coaching Responsibilities.

9:30: Energy System Review & Development

10:00: When, Why, & How of Pacing

10: 45: Dynamic Warm-up & Rhythmic Breathing.

11:00 Lactate Threshold ("pacing") & Lactate Clearance Workouts

11:45: Programming: Active Recovery

12:15: Lunch (on your own)

1:15: Muscle Fiber Review & Development

2:00: Cardiorespiratory, Muscle Fiber, and CNS Warm-up.

2:15: Lactate Tolerance, Speed Endurance, Plyometrics, Ballistics, & Breathing Workout

3:00: Programming: Volume & Intensity

3:30:Athlete Assessment & On-boarding

4:00:Closing Remarks

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