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RDX Films - Rough Diamond International Inc -
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Apr 14 8:00AM - 6:00PM

Through the Acting In The Industry Seminar, RDX Films aims to create and foster a creative learning environment conducive to entering the Television and Film industry at large. Created by Jelani James and Nick Pelecanos, the Seminar will inform participants of the requisite skills of a working professional actor or actress, as well as allow them to connect with working professionals on both a local and international level. In doing so we will simultaneously create a network of passionate local talent, thereby burgeoning the inception of an impeccably trained and seasoned local industry.The seminar is set for the 14th of April 2018 at the O'Connor auditorium at Trinity Washington University at 125 Michigan Ave NE, Washington, DC 20017.

This Seminar is the inception of a series aimed at training and empowering on-screen, producers, directors, and crew. We have chosen to involve critically acclaimed talent as well as producers, directors, casting directors,and acting coaches for the purpose of combining veteran advice with real opportunities to network and seek employment. As far as on-screen talent, we have officially engaged Leon Robinson (credited in 72 On-Screen Roles, Including:The Temptations, Five Heartbeats, Cool Runnings, Little Richard, Waiting To Exhale, Oz, and Above The Rim)and have received verbal confirmation from Chris Coy and Dominique Fishback, among others. Seminars rarely offer real opportunities for success. It is our aim to not only educate, but also to facilitate.

The Seminar consists of a one-day series of panel discussions centered on a series of topics we feel are of value, as well as interest, to aspiring actors. An actors bottom line is finding a way to secure paid work. Thus, our topics focus on the successful application process and utilization of networking and unions. We believe that this course offering will be not only informative but transformative.

The topics are as follows:

1) Audition Etiquette

2) Preparing Monologues

3) Reading

4) How To Self Tape

5) Approaching Talent Agents

6) Local Work, Independent Projects & Their Value To You

7) Utilizing Your Skills Outside of Acting

8) Joining Unions & Guilds

In addition to the above topics, we will provide two opportunities to network freely so that attendees may connect with fellow aspirants and panel members. This will be a hands-on opportunity to apply some of the etiquette tips and to make tangible steps forward toward each aspirants end goal. This is a key part of the value of the Seminar in that attendees can leave reinvigorated for the arduous road ahead, as well as with a rekindled interest in participation in local projects.

We believe that increased success for the parts will increase the success of the whole. Thus, the success of a single aspiring actor or actress will in turn increase the flow of industry dollars into the District and create further opportunities for its citizens while proliferating narratives set in this area in high-budget projects. It is a process which must be artfully and deliberately guided, yet it will bear great yields in the near future.

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