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Acrylics and Mixed Media with Jen Livia

Red Brick Art
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Nov 30 2:00PM - 5:00PM

Sea Critters

Thursday, July 18th 5:30pm-8:30pm

$49 each or $64 with all supplies

Otters and Seals are sweet and playful creatures with lots of personality and in this class we are going to paint their cute expressions, dimensional bodies and some of their environment. Choose from a wide variety of sea critters (seal, turtles, octopus, otter, dolphins, whales and more).

Summer Flowers and Butterflies of All Kinds

Saturday, August 31st 10am-1pm

$49 each or $64 with Supplies

Learn to paint happy and whimsical flowers of all kinds and or Butterflies and Dragonflies. You will learn how to create layers in your painting to make your subject feel realistic and dimensional through the use of glazes, under-painting, color contrasts, defining edges and more. You will go home with a vibrant painting full of summer.

Mixed Media Painting - Exploring GOLDEN Gels and Pastes

Sunday, September 8th 1-4pm

$49 each or $64 with Supplies

Ever wondered about all of the different Golden Mediums in the art supply store and what you can do with them? Come play with Jen in this fun class about layering, texturizing and adding depth. We will also create several smaller paintings using these mediums as under textures with your favorite mixed media technique to create a fun background. Pick from a variety of subjects from landscapes, still lives and florals as the theme for your exploration. This class offers the opportunity to experiment with a representative sampling of Gel Mediums. Gel Mediums used alone, or blended with acrylic colors can add texture, broaden the working properties and expand the possibilities

Mountain Scenes in Acrylics

Saturday, September 14th 10am-1pm

$49 each or $64 with Supplies

Learn to paint your own Landscape full of depth, texture and light as Jen teaches you how to paint your chosen mountain scene. Learn to paint a dramatic night sky, sunset or abstract colorscape, layers of mountains and smaller details. Bring your own ideas or choose from Jen's.

Collage with Painted Papers, Mediums, Objects and more

Saturday, Sept. 21st 2-5pm

$49 each or $64 with supplies

Learn to layer paints with texture and other elements to create a unique painting. This class students will be able to create 2 different 8x10 paintings full of texture and color. In one painting students will learn how to collage with painted papers as a background or on the foal element. The other painting students will work with layering colors and textures with background stencling and how to incorporate other objects within their piece. Subject options are endless, but in this class we are going to focus on Florals, Butterflies, Dragonflies, Birds, Abstracts and Trees. If you have another subject you would like to explore please feel free to bring your ideas.

Supplies Needed for Class: 2 8x10 Canvases or Canvas Boards, Fluid Acrylic Paints (colors of your choosing), Paint Brushes, Painted Papers (store bought or handmade, not glossy or magazine), Found objects to include in your painting, GOLDEN Soft Gel Gloss or Gel Matte Medium, Stencils will be provided in class.

Fall Reflections

Sat. Oct 5th 2-5pm

$49 each or $64 with supplies

Capture your own Fall landscape full of light, texture and sense of space. Pick from a variety of samples or bring your own inspiration. Jen will give you a variety of fun and easy tricks to capture a sense of distance, reflections, textures and a sense of place. This class is all about layers and a soft touch. Come explore the colors of fall

Monoprinting with GOLDEN OPEN Acrylics, Stencils and the Gelli Plate

Saturday, Oct 12th 10am-1pm

$57 each includes supplies

This class will focus on the fun and wide variety of layered paintings you can create when you use the Gelli Plate combined with Acrylic paints and stencils. The possibilities are endless and no two prints will come out the same. Jen will lead you in this fun process as you explore how different color combinations and stencils work together in your piece. We will make several small prints that can be framed and hung on the walls as individual pieces, as a series or made into oversized greeting cards. You will be amazed with what you can create.

Painting on Glass Up-Cycle Art

Sun, October 13th 1-4pm

$64 includes all supplies

Create your own Acrylic painted bottles in this fun and functional class. You can use these bottles for flowers, candles, soap, olive oil and more, it will give you a new look at creating with your recyclables. No experience needed, images will be provided in a variety of subjects from undersea creatures to landscapes, space, florals and abstracts.
We will be working with GOLDEN Pastel Ground, GOLDEN Hi-Flow and GOLDEN Fluid Acrylics. All surfaces will be prepared in advance by Jen. Each student should be able to finish 2 projects in class.

Small Canvases - Acrylics or Watercolors

Sunday, November 17th 1-4pm

$49each or $64 with supplies

Paint several small canvases that make great gifts of fun practice pieces for you. We will explore a variety of local scenes, winter themes and anything of your choosing. Bring along any size canvas you like or Jen will provide you with several small canvases (you pick which sizes you prefer). Choose to paint your scenes in watercolors, acrylics or a combination of the two and Jen will help you capture your vision in paint. What a fun way to spend the afternoon and create your own unique gifts.

Pick Your Subject or Bring Your Picture

Saturday, Nov 23rd 10am-1pm

$49 each or $64 with supplies

Explore how to paint any subject of your choosing in this fun three hour class with artist and teacher Jen Livia. Bring your own inspiration or choose form one of Jen's many paintings and be guided in painting your own version. The sky is the limit, choose from a more traditional landscape, any animal or explore a more abstract of painting, anything is possible in this class.We will explore a variety of techniques depending on your subject choice include how to layer Golden Fluid, Heavy Body and OPEN paints to create a more dynamic painting.
Please email Jen with what you would like to paint.

Alcohol Ink and High Flow Acrylic Painting

Saturday Nov 30th 2-5pm

$49 each or $64 with supplies

Learn how to create fun and whimsical mini paintings with Alcohol Inks and GOLDEN High Flow Acrylics on Yupo paper. In this class you will learn how to manipulate the ink, control where it flows as well as how to create soft and hard edges. We will create several small paintings focusing on different subjects practicing how to layer the inks and create unique effects. We will also explore how to contain the paints within acrylic paint boarders.
Some subjects include abstract color scenes, landscapes, trees and flower fields. We will talk about how to combine colors for both soft and vibrant paintings, focal points with a pop, how to include metallic colors and much more. We will also discuss when to use a heat gun, hair dryer and canned air to set your paints. Each students will create 3-4 smaller pieces in class and go home with lots of ideas for more.

Supplies needed: Variety of Alcohol Inks, Yupo Paper (or glossy Tile), brushes.

All class reservations must be paid in advance and cannot be cancelled or changed less than 72 hours prior to class. Sorry, no exceptions.

Jen is a Golden Arts Educator and had been painting since she was a kid and teaching art for over a decade. She teaches over 3,000 people a year in Ventura's Elementary Schools and at Red Brick. Her knowledge of painting and the all of the GOLDEN Artist products will inspire you and help any level of painter develop their creativity.

If you have ever wanted to try Acrylics but didn't know where to start or have dabbled in Acrylics and need direction these are the class for you. Each class will have a different focus and a wide variety of samples to inspire you. We encourage you to explore this fun and unique medium as we learn a variety of techniques that can be applied to any subject. You can choose to work on a larger painting over a series of classes or work on a new project each week or even start several pieces in one class. Each class is tailored to the students that come to the session and are great for beginning students and intermediate students who want a more formal art session to explore a more in-depth process of using acrylics. Check the supply list at the bottom of the page for recommended products and info.

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