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A One of a Kind Vision Board Party

Women with Vision - International
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Feb 10 10:00AM - 1:00PM

What we'll do:
What if you could create the lifestyle you want?
Here are the clifnotes: It is absolutely possible

The facts... a lot of us are:
Overwhelmed with how to balance work and life goals
Stressed with our jobs and lack of fulfillment in our life
Confused on how to change it

But when do we actually stop and do anything about it?
Trust me, I have been there and it sucks!
Quick story: I have seen vision boards work in my life. But when I first heard about them, I thought, are you kidding me? How is a bunch of pictures on a board going to change anything in my situation? Plus, I didn't feel like I had the time or the skill to spend on a craft project. But I can tell you, this is no ordinary "craft project".

I created my first vision board about 8 years ago. On it, I had, pictures of married happy, loving couples (I wanted to get married again) But I was specific, I wanted someone I could respect and who loved me the same. I can go through all the attributes later, but you get the point. I also had pictures representing family, real estate and business. At this point in my business career, I had lost a lot and my credit was shot. I also had one random picture about becoming a best selling author. LOL! I hadn't even written a book yet. Well, its all happened. All of my goals on that board have come to fruition. Now its time to think bigger and create another board!

I have taught others to create vision boards in the past but never with so much purpose and clear vision as I have now. This event can change your life. Your vision can become real. Now is the time to create what you want.

Why VISION BOARDS? Vision boards are the most powerful tool for visualizing your future, clarifying your desires and achieving your goals.
Its so easy to be distracted and confused on what is important. When you a VISION BOARD you get clear on what is important and subconciously start working towards it. No other tool turns wishes into reality like VISION BOARDS.

In this 3 hour event, you will:
Create a life you absolutely love
Determine what needs to change and repel the things that dont support your plans
Attract more happiness, peace, and success into your life

Are you ready to create your life? BUY YOUR TICKET TODAY!
ALL SUPPLIES INCLUDED + snacks and beverages

About the sponsors:
Tam Luc has been an entrepreneur and investor since 2002. She's a wife, mother, author, speaker, blogger and world traveler. She is the founder of DeLucs Life focusing on helping women create a balanced family and work life as an entrepreneur giving them the tools to be their best self and create a lifestyle by design. Check out her new book coming soon... "A Woman's Side Hustle... How to turn your passion into profit...Your resources into residual."

Melissa Peng, founder of The Curly Executive has been a marketing executive with some of the top businesses in entertainment and travel. Her passion is to help small business entrepreneurs build a solid brand that

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