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A Measure of Mercy Women's Event

Living Hope Wesleyan
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Endorsed by Curators:
Feb 10 8:30AM - 12:00PM


All women(ages 16 and older)are encouraged to pre-register to claim their spots in the break outsessions of their choice before they are full!

Go to, find the event A Measure of Mercy, register and bring the confirmation sheet with you to the event. Its that easy!

There will be an exclusive door prize for those who pre-register &childcare is not available.

DOORS OPEN AT 8:00 AM for registration. Event begins at 8:30 AM

No matter how hard we try, there are always one or two measures in life where we fall short or fail. Thisdoesnt mean we are failures, it means we are imperfect humans who need forgiveness. Is it easier to askfor forgiveness or need to offer it? Do you have a list of unforgivable moments that you keep hold of?Annie Meehan, a mother of three, author, and a woman with plenty of life lessonsto share, has learned that finding freedom and joy on the other side of that listonly happens through forgiveness. Join us as she plays through those difficultmeasures and finds freedom from her unforgivablelist. Who can you extend forgiveness to fromyour unforgivable list?



Identify and express your feelings.Explore methods to cope with stressful & difficult situations.


If youve been hurt, you hate.Discover organizational ways to bring peace in lifes madness.


Acknowledge the deceptive feeling of control.Learn how to control your hunger through healthy snacking


Forgiveness is an event and a process.Create a rustic decor vision board for your goals and visions.

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For questions, contact us at or call Lois at 605-256-6418

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