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A Journey Begins With One Step: 12-hour Endurance Walk & Run

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Endorsed by Curators:
Aug 12 8:00AM

This walk and run is a 12-hour experience that tests your strength and your spirit while making an extraordinary difference in the lives of thousands of people in Bay County. When people in our community have access to resources like the Good Samaritan Shelter and athletics at their local school district, they become empowered and positioned for success. By gaining housing, employability skills, and pride, they have the tools to become contributing members of our community.

This challenge is about reaching beyond your limits: physically and philanthropically. The 12-hour run and walk is not a race, but a journey that begins with ONE step toward compassion, love, determination and support for those in our community. Through your hard work in training and fundraising, you will experience something that defies explanation…your personal best…your compassion…shared with everyone else who “Accepted the Challenge!”

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