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6th Annual Founders' Reception

West Philadelphia Financial Services Institution
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Endorsed by Curators:
Oct 12 5:30PM - 8:00PM

West Philadelphia Financial Services Institution (WPFSI) is an economic engine that facilitates empowerment and wealth building though investing in the community. One way WPFSI has done this is through the WesGold Fellows Summer Internship. The WesGold Fellows Summer Internship is an eight-week paid internship for fifteen high school students to gain an understanding of the professional world. We structure our program around the Five Pillars of Success to provide the foundation of Financial Literacy, Career Readiness, Effective Communication, College Planning, and Social Responsibility. Through providing possible career paths, attending college tours, networking with various professionals, and presenting weekly on an array of topics, we ensure that our students are prepared for college and beyond.

Every year, we celebrate the accomplishments of the WesGold Fellows and fundraise for the following years program through our Founders' Reception. It is a two-hour catered event where we provide three awards to speakers that have made an impact on the WesGold Fellows: The Earl Boyd Small Business Award will be given to Kim Jordan, The Jackie Kelley Corporate Leadership Award will be given to Emily Bittenbender, and The Catherine Minnis Community Impact Award will be given to Arnett Woodall. The Sixth Annual Founders' Reception will take place on October 12th from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.

Some facts about WesGold Fellows:

102 students have graduated from the WesGold Fellows program.

90% of WesGold Fellows have moved on to higher education.

We have given $70,000 in matched student savings.

4,620 community service hours performed by WesGold Fellows.

Jalen Century, 2017 WGF Graduate

Being in the WesGold program for one summer changed my entire demeanor for the rest of my life. I know so much more than my peers about finance, entrepreneurship, and public speaking and I'm always willing to share that knowledge with them. Hopefully when I am successful in the future I can come back as a speaker for the new generation of Fellows.

Rovell Vialva, 2009 WGF Graduate

My experience with WesGold was definitely a character defining moment in my development. Being young and fresh out of high school I didn't know a lot about college, financial planning, or anything of the sort. As a young adult That has graduated both Community College of Philadelphia and Temple university I now feel equipped to handle the next phase of my life.

Ashley Handy, 2007 WGF Graduate

The WesGold Fellows program taught me so much about investing and saving. It also sparked my interest in real estate and development. I have been in the real estate industry going on 8 years. I definitely wouldn't be in this field had I not been in the program.. my mindset for success is different because of the program and I am able to come out on top no matter what roadblocks get in my way.

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