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Endorsed by Curators:
Apr 14 7:00AM - 8:00AM

We are joining a national event, hosted in over 25 cities and growing!

We paddle. We raise money for victims of cancer and families struggling with medical bills and care. Done.

We need 6-person teams that are willing to take 1 hour shifts, two paddlers per shift, for 24 hours. Friends, family, visitors are all welcome to come out and pitch in where and when they can.

This isn't a race; no admission will be charged for the event, and State Park Superintendent Laura Melling has offered to waive entrance fees for participants and volunteers for the duration of the event - Thank you Laura!

To contribute to our local fund, click here:

Some Q & A:
Q: Is this a race?
A: No. It is a group of friends getting together to inspire their community to help families dealing with the chaos of cancer. 1 in 3 people will deal with Cancer in their life time.

Q: Why 24 hours?
A: Because it is difficult. When you are dealing with cancer it is a 24/7 beast. It takes personal focus and
being surrounded by your friends and family to battle and fight. While paddling in no way mimics that battle - focusing with friends, family and community for one purpose is very similar.

Q: Can other people paddle with us?
A: Absolutely. Encourage your community to come out and keep the team going.

Q: Can we have more than one team?
A: Yes.

Q: Is it just SUP?
A: A mixed team is a-okay. Paddleboards, kayaks, canoes, OCs, prone boards - let's do it.

Q: How does the relay work?
A: The team is comprised of 6 paddlers and breaks down to pairs for each hour. At 8 a.m the whole team, and whoever in the community shows up, paddle as a group for an hour. From there it drops down to pairs trading off every hour. To ring in the Midnight hour the group paddles together again. (Each year in Seattle the community has really rallied at this time. The team of 6 plus about 30 additional people to paddle and cheer on the team.) After midnight it drops back to pairs and then for the final hour the group paddles together to finish.

Q: Weather conditions?
A: Understand everyone's abilities on the water and, most importantly, their ability to not let ego be part of the equation. When it doubt, if mother nature is angry, dont tick her off more by going out. Always have the goal of helping families and inspiring in mind.

Q: Can we raise funds for just one family?
A: This is up to the team. The main goal is to inspire the community to help the community. Being able to help multiple families at once. But with that said - cancer sucks and if your team decides that their efforts are best focused on one family - then absolutely do that.

Q: The money. How does this work?
A: Each team raides funds for their local community. Grass roots, on the ground help. No red tape, foundations or questions of where does the money actually go. We set up a GoFundMe account and get money to the families on a personal basis.

How to find us:We will be at the Dig office or on the South Boat Ramp. Still dialing that in.

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