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2020 University API Winter Workshop

Brigham Young University
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Jan 29 8:00AM - 3:30PM

6th Annual University API Winter Workshop

The University API Winter Workshop, hosted by Brigham Young University, in an Open Space unConference focused on University and Personal API's and thier use in Improving Learning.

It covers topics in an educational technology (EdTech) context on developing, managing, and using APIs, successfully implementing DevOps practices, architecting distributed ledger systems implementing blockchain, successfully deploying Domain of Ones Own (DoOO) environments, improving the use of digital identity and security technologies, and framing digital fluency on University campuses.

This workshop is focused on addressing current issues and best practices experienced in building out conceptual models and collecting examples of real-life use cases. Attendees include IT architects, educational technologists, faculty, and software engineers from many universities.

"I've been coming to BYU API Winter Workshop for a few years now and it's among my favorite and most important events to me throughout the year. BYU's innovative spirit is reflected in the amazing, big scope projects that it undertakes as a result of the vision of the University API Initiative. I love the "unconference" format and it's a great place to test out new ideas and get feedback from a community of thoughtful experts. The area, and the people that attend are awe inspiring and I always leave with fresh perspectives and new ways of approaching the problems I'm trying to solve. I can't recommend this event enough for anyone with big picture IT thinking in education and the edtech space. It truly is a gem in the mountains and it is a must go for me."
Bryan Ollendyke (btopro) - Penn State

How It Works

UAPI is an unConference. It has no assigned speakers or panels, so it's about getting stuff done. We will have a trained open space facilitator at the workshop to run the show and make sure we are properly organized.

UAPI is a participatory workshop.Because it is an unConference you are invited to speak and share, pose questions or ask for input.If you have an idea for a session now or even get one in the middle of the conference, youre welcome to propose it and run a session.

The agenda will be created live each day by attendees present at the opening of the day. Anyone who wants to host a session that day will announce the topic and chose a space and time. There is no voting or picking other than with your feet, where you choose to go. You'll have plenty of chances to exchange ideas and make new professional connections.You can seethe growing list of potential topics hereput forth by those who have already registered.

To get an idea of what was discussed, learned and worked on at the fourth UAPI Workshop, click here to see notes from sessions and a summary of the event with photos.Link to 2018 February UAPI Summary & Notes

"I joined the University API Winter Workshop at BYU in 2018 and it's really awesome. The unConference format allows you to focus on the topics which you are really interested in. It's also a pretty good opportunity to share what I've learned during a year and gather feedback from other professional developers. I can't wait to join the 5th Annual University API Winter Workshop and look forward to learning new stuff there!
Tso-Liang Wu / Analyst Programmer - Oregon State University

Daily Schedule

Doors will open at8:30each day with a continental breakfast.

Wednesday, Jan 29

Day 1will begin at9:00AMwith Introductions followed by Agenda Creation. There will be 5 working sessions and we will end by 5pm. /There will be a no-host dinner at 6:30pm. Location TBD

Thursday, Jan 30

Day 2will begin at 9:00AM with Agenda Creation.There will be 5 working sessions and we will end by 4pm.

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The UnivAPI un-conference provides outstanding value for a small investment. Davidson has attended for three years and we always return home inspired and armed with new knowledge and connections.
Nick Roberts /Director - Enterprise Solutions and Analytics /Davidson College Technology and Innovation


The workshop will be held at the Utah Valley Convention Center in Provo, UT.

  • Provo is served by theSalt Lake City Airport, about 60 minutes away, though not during morning rush, which is 6:30AM to 10:30AM.

  • Shuttle services can be made withExpress Shuttle. Use the link for online reservations, or call 1-800-397-0773


TheProvo Marriott Hotel and Convention Center--101 W 100 N, Provo, UT 84601 is located just east of the Utah Valley Convention Center.

Provo Hyatt Place is located at 180 W 100 N, Provo, UT 84601 and is also available for reservations.


Continental breakfast and lunch included; all other meals on your own.

No Host Dinner -


/Please RSVP to

The BYU University API Winter Workshop is becoming a signature event for higher ed institutions. Each year we are gathering in numbers and the conversations are more developed as well as new relevant topics begun. The OpenSpace / Unconference format really facilitates how much we are able to get done and focus on topics that the group really feels needs to be addressed, that are timely and important. I look forward to starting each year with an event that gets the juices rolling for Q1 of the year. The price for the company, venue, and amazing food is a steal.
Matthew Hailstone / Solutions Architect BYU

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