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2019 Monticello Merit Mania (MBU)

Troop 42
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Nov 09 7:30AM - 4:00PM

Troop 42 Scouts and Families!

Monticello Merit Mania (a Merit Badge University) is being held on Saturday, Nov 9th, from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM and is a great opportunityfor Scouts to work on merit badges in a focused, group setting. Some badges can be completed in a day, while some will require additional outside work. These sessions can offer Scouts an opportunity to work on some merit badges not typically offered in the troop or at summer camp. Mr. Ryan is coordinating this event so contact him with any questions by email at:

Here is the listing of merit badges offered this year:

ActivitySessionPrerequisitesClass FeeMax in ClassSeats Avail.
American BusinessAMDo 3 & 5, field trip to bank need permission form$101211
Animal SciencePMHorse or Dairy option for #6$101512
Camping*PMMerit Badge will not be completed. A great start.$101514
ChessAll Day$201613
Citizenship in the Nation*AM#2, 3 & 8 prepare #6 to present in class$10209
Citizenship in the Nation*PM#2, 3 & 8 prepare #6 to present$102017
Citizenship in the World*All Day$202018
Citizenship in the World*All Day$20205
Communication*All DayPrepare to Present 2A or 2B & 3; Doc. for #5 & #8$20207
Cooking*AM#5 & #6$101512
Cycling*All DayRides not completed, bring a bike$201514
Disabilities AwarenessAMBring notes for 4A & Bring proof of one of #5$102018
Dog CareAMBring log for #4, Do #9, need field trip form #8$101211
Dog CarePMBring log for #4, Do #9, need field trip form #8$101210
ElectricityPMBring #2, #8, #9$101514
Emergency Preparedness*All DayEarn First Aid MB, 2C, Bring 7B with you, 8B, 9$202015
EnergyAM#1 bring article to discuss & 4A & 4B$101512
EngineeringPM#1, 2, 9$101514
Environmental Science*All DayDo 3E and 6 and bring proof to class$202011
Farm MechanicsAM$10100
First Aid*All DayBring 5A with you, #1$202019
Fish and Wildlife ManagementPMDo #5 bring proof.$102015
ForestryAMDo #1 & 6 and bring, field trip form needed for #5$10128
Landscape ArchitecturePM$10159
LawPMCome prepared with #4$102019
Model Design and BuildingAM#6$15157
Personal Fitness*PM#1a & 1B health and dental exams; #8follows clinic$102014
Personal Management*PMDo & Bring #1, 2, 8$10150
PhotographyPM#1 Bring current cyber chip & phone/camera for pic$10157
Public SpeakingAMBegin to prepare #2 & 4$10109
Reptile and Amphibian StudyAMDo and Bring #8$102014
RoboticsAMUnique Underwater Robotics Class$202514
RoboticsPMUnique Underwater Robotics Class$202519
Swimming*AMAbility to pass the BSA Swim Test$102011
Swimming*PMAbility to pass the BSA Swim Test$10208
TheaterAMDo #3 and bring proof, start #2$10128
WeatherAMDo #9$101513
Wood CarvingAM$10121

* indicates Eagle required MB; Scouts may only sign-up for ONE Eagle required MB.

Scouts signed up forSwimming or Disability Awareness merit badges will be taking the Camp Courageous bus to their location from the high school and Scouts will need a signed release form.

Scouts may select up to 2 half day merit badges (1 in the morning and/or 1 in the afternoon) or 1 all day merit badge. Though, Scouts may only sign-up for 1 Eagle required merit badge, whether it is a half day or all day.Scouts should specify their top 3 choices and enter the merit badge names in order of preference in the Eventbrite registration page. Note the merit badge prerequisites listed in the table, above. Scouts will need to bring proof of completion of the prerequisites to the MBU.

Mr. Ryan will login and attempt to secure your spot as soon as you register but it isnt official until you have funds in your account to cover the fees.Half day merit badges cost $10 each and all day merit badges cost $20. The deadline for sign-up is Sunday, Oct 20th, and you must have funds in your Scout account by Monday, Oct 21st, to cover your registration and lunch, if you are purchasing one. Questions about your Scout account can be emailed to

You may bring your own sack lunch or pre-purchase a lunch for $8. Lunches cannot be purchased on-site. This year's menu is has not been made available yet. It will be updated, here, once it is available. Vending machines are available to purchase additional snacks, but no change machines are available. If you would like to purchase a lunch, be sure to indicate this in the Eventbrite registration page.

If we have enough Scouts attending, we may be able to take the troop bus. In that case, additional information will be sent out for times and meeting location. But until that is determined, parents need to plan to arrange transportation to and from this event. Carpooling may be an option as well.Mr. Ryan will be attending the MBU, but we could use help from additional adults as chaperones.

Sign up now - dont miss this opportunity!

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