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2018 Checkpoint Challenge

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Apr 14 7:00AM - 1:00PM

Two distances: partner sprint (3-5 hour) and half-day (6-hour)!

Whats this all about? Trekking over the river bed, climbing over boulders, and being treated view to the awesome view at the top!

Grab your partners and head out to collect checkpoints on a kayaking, mountain biking, and trekking challenge, condensing a months worth of adventure into ashortexpedition through Californias beautiful backcountry. See some beautiful country and make lifetime memories!

The Checkpoint Challenge partner sprint incorporates:

  • 8-10 miles of mountain biking (60% single track, not technical, but if youre used to sticking to fire roads, this will be challenging)
  • 4miles of technical trail running/scrambling/swimming (minimal swimming skills needed if you can handle a pool, youll handle this)
  • 2-3 miles of kayaking
  • This is a great way to get introduced to traditional adventure racing! Youll experience the partner aspect while enjoying minimally marked courses that require you to follow your map.

Doing the half day?Double the trek and kayak distances, add orienteering and epic ropes! You will be on less marked course and need to rely on a map and compass to complete the course.

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Registration includes:

  • Race entry
  • Kayak (for sprint distance only 6-hour racers need to provide their own.)
  • Continuous, waterproof topographical course map
  • Race bib and timing
  • Pre-Race Clinic
  • Epic memories
  • Finisher prize
  • Event T

Waves will be determined one week prior to the event depending on final numbers in each category. A maximum of 40 teams per wave in order to keep the adventure high and the crowds low.Lunch will be available for an additional fee on site.

Checkpoint Challenge

Experience Needed

The Checkpoint Challenge is designed to challenge the elite athlete but remain achievable for the novice off the couch participant. As with most things, the more prepared you are the better your experience will be. Before starting any training program consult a medical professional about potential risks involved.

We recommend biking, running and kayaking as ways to prepare for this race.

You do not need a support team for this race it is designed to be self-supporting. Details will be sent out in our pre-race email sent a week before the event.

So proud that our team worked so well together. I was worried my partner and I would argue, but I reminded him that when we race, NOTHING gets in the way of the finish line!


We understand youre putting your life in our hands for the time youre on the course and we want you to know whats on deck should you need it:

  • We work with the local Search and Rescue team to provide EMTs and rescue equipment on course throughout the whole event.
  • We have an Advanced Life Support (ALS) Ambulance on site
  • We also have arrangements with CalStar, an air ambulance, and H70, the local CHP rescue helicopter for ALS and hard to reach locations.
  • On the water we have a patrol boat for kayak and boat safety.

The worst injury we have had in our 9 years was heat stroke and we had an IV in him in 10 minutes en route to the local ER in 20 minutes.

All of our transition areas and course marshals have VHF radios that use a repeater so we have communications throughout the entire course, as little to no cell phone reception is available in some of the areas we travel through.

Entry fees for partner race (includes tandem kayak):

Day of adventure: $140

Entry fees for 6-hour race: (Does NOT INCLUDE KAYAK)

Day of adventure: $160
Get your friends excited and save now!
Foothill Cyclery, in San Luis Obispo, has a limited supply of Trek full suspension demo / rental bikes that can be reserved on a first come first serve basis. Cost is $60 per day, with a refundable deposit. Please call(805) 541 - 4101or stop in to make a reservation.

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