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2018 1st Annual LBA Spring Field Day

Louisiana Beekeepers Association
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Endorsed by Curators:
Apr 14 8:00AM - 3:30PM

The LBA, in conjuction with the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, is happy to offerthe 1st Annual Spring Field Day.Fifteen overall training sessions will be offered over five time blocks. Three concurrent sessions will be occurring at any one time, from which attendees can choose. The training sessions, running about 50 minutes long, are focused on providing information and live demonstrations for new, less-experienced, and intermediate-level beekeepers. Doors will open for the event at 8 am that Saturday, with initial remarks at 8:45 am and the first sessions at 9:00 am. Lunch provided. Free children's sessions available BUT individuals/groups MUST pre-register with Jennifer Brown, ph. (601) 493-3447.

Anticipated training sessions at this event include:

Level 1: Beekeeping: Where to Start, Equipment Needs and Apiary Set Up; Honey Bee Basics: Hive and Frame Types; Beekeeping Throughout the Year; Pests and Diseases; Extracting and Bottling Honey

Level 2: Honey Bee Biology:Behavior, Morphology,and Anatomy; Live Hive Inspection Basics: How to Read a Frame and Find the Queen; Basic Varroa Management and Monitoring; Splits for Beginners; Catching and Keeping Swarms

Level 3: Proper Timing for Feeding Bees; Structural Bee Removals; Wax Rendering and Demonstration; Queens Overview: Raising and Re-queening Techniques; Advanced Hive Inspection: Varroa Management and Monitoring

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