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2017 Maryland/Potomac Valley Open

Maryland Potomac Valley Local Weightlifting Committee, Inc. Mario Dispenza (
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Endorsed by Curators:
Aug 12 6:00AM - 6:00PM

Welcome to the 2017 MDPV LWC Open

Welcome to a great lifting experience.

You'll find lots more helpful information below but if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Meet Director Jami Willette-Brown at

Thank you for joining us, we look forward to seeing you in August.

With Best regards,

LWC Board of Directors


SCHEDULE: Tenatative Schedule. Final Schedule will be posted at close of ENTRY DEADLINE

START LIST: Will be updated during Registration Period

VOLUNTEER ASSIGNMENTS: Will be updated during Registation Period


ELIGIBILITY- Open to all current USAW registered athletes; registrations will be checked upon athlete arrival. Expired members will not be allowed to compete. Ahletes are responsible for ensuring that their memberships are current. Join or renew expired membership through theUSAW websitebefore registering!

RULES - The MDPV LWC Open isconducted under National meet standards and rules of the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF). The current USAW and IWF rules are available at: IWF TCRR 2017

SANCTION: USA Weightlifting and the Maryland-Potomac Valley LWC Sanction Number 09-17-96248

REFUND POLICY: Refunds for withdralws will be granted subject to the a replacement lifter on the waiting list. purchasing the withdrawing athlete's spot. No refunds will be granted after August 7, 2017

SPECTATORS:There will be a daily $10 entry fee for spectators age 16 and above to be collected at the door. SAVE ON THE SPECTATOR FEE WITH ADVANCED PURCHASING AVAILABLE ON THIS ANNOUNCEMENT!

COACHES: (Maximumtwo per athlete) will not be charged this fee but must sign up ahead of time. Each athlete will have the opportunity to name a two meet coaches upon registration.

VOLUNTEERS: MUST register for the meet (Technical Officals (TO) and Non- TO's, will not be charged any fee but must sign up ahead of time. Team Reserve Slots require registration of Volunteers (2 TO's + 1 Non-TO).

ENTRY CAP AND WAIT LIST: There is a 150-lifter cap. Wait-listed athletes will be contacted once a registered athelete withdraws and given opportunity to register.

SCHEDULE: is subject to change pending final registration numbers. Final start list will be released on or before August 8, 2017.

DIVISIONS (Male and Female): All USAW Weight Classes will be included.

Youth: Under 13, Y14-15, Y16-17

Junior (17-20)

Senior (15+)

Master 35+.


Individual Weight Class Medals for top 3 in each Division M/F

Best Lifter Trophy by SInclair in each Division M/F

Top 3 Team Award by Points

TEAM AWARDs: based on points allocated to each athlete on the submitted team roster, min 2 to max 6 members/team, and will be in total only. The team members listed must be named and affiliated to the associated USA Weightlifting club at the time of registration. Limit of 2 Team Members per weight class. Points will be assigned to each registered Team Member by weight class, regardless of age/gender, at the end of the competition

This will be a final qualifying LWC event for the LWC Championships scheduled for September 23, 2017

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