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2017 June Jamboree TEAM Crossfit Competition

Poteau CrossFit
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Endorsed by Curators:
Jun 17 7:00AM - 6:00PM

This is a Team CrossFit Competition for all levels of crossfitters. Rx, Scaled, and Novice (beginners). The teams will be as follows 4 males, 4 females or 2 males and 2 females. We would like to encoureage Beginners to form a team and join the fun, with that said we would like to also encourage EVERYONE to challange themselves and leave the Novice category for true BEGINNERS.

The following WODs are NOT final, however, I wanted to give everyone (especially the BEGINNERS) an idea of what to expect. The weights and distances may very slightly.


1000 M ROW

300 dubs

30 dball - over the shoulder (RX 120/100, Scaled 100/80, novice 80/60)

60m tire flip sprint.

Only one person works at a time, and only one person per movement. When team member #1 is finished rowing, team member #2 will be allowed to cross the line begin their dubs. When team member #2 finishes dubs and crosses back over the starting line, team member #3 will then be allowed to cross the line and begin D-Balls. When team member #3 finishes D-Balls and crosses back over start line, team member #4 will be allowed to cross the line and start tire flip

WOD #2 17.1 with a SPIN

WOD #2-a

50 alternating single arm dumbbell snatch (RX 50/35, Scaled and Novice 35/20)

50 burpee box jump and overs (RX 24/20, scaled and novice 20/16)

...while...(Dave Castro pause)

WOD #2-b

Assault Bike as many calories as possible in 8 mins



TOTAL OF ALL 4 team members 1 Rep Max


Competitors team will be responsible for adding and removing their own weights.

WOD #4 Tie Breaker if Neccessary (optional tie breaker only if necessary)


Only one person working at a time. (note two people must hold wall ball target at all times).

NOTE: You will need all 4 team members info when you register. Register before midnight May 31nd and receive an $15 "Early Bird Special" Discount. Late registration will not be guaranteed a tshirt on day of competition.

The Days Inn of Poteau is giving discount rooms at $79 to anyone wanting to stay the night, call them directly 918 647 3510 and ask for the Crossfit Rate.

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