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2016 Wilsonville RETA CRES Review Course

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Endorsed by Curators:
Nov 29 12:00AM

This CRES Review Course is for people intending to sit for the CRES exam by year-end 2016. Therefore, the only prerequisite for attending this review course is that you apply for CRES through RETA. The fee to apply for CRES, which includes the exam fee, is $495 for RETA members and $695 for non-RETA members. Details for signing up are provided below.

We encourage you to come prepared for this review course with a basic knowledge of refrigeration, similar to what is covered in RETAs Industrial Refrigeration I & II books.

This free review course includes 3 days of instruction, catered food, (coffee, morning snacks, lunches) and printed review course material. Also you can earn RETA PDH credits for each hour of instruction. We are encouraging all review course participants to sit for the CRES exam following the review course on Friday, December 2nd at RETA HQ in Albany, Oregon, or the Portland State University testing center in Portland, or another Kryterion testing center near you. There are a number of lodging options near the review course that can be found online.

If you are interested in attending this free course, please follow these next steps:

  1. Go to RETAs certification webpage and download the CRES certification Application Handbook. The application begins on Page 19 and can be mailed, faxed, or emailed directly to RETA. Payment information for the exam can be found on Page 21. Payment for your CRES application/test fee is due prior to the first day of class

  2. Complete this anonymous quick 5-question quiz to help the instructor understand which areas he should focus on the most

  3. Download the CRES Study Guide from the RETA Certification Resources page as a primer for what to expect during the exam

  4. Don't forget your basic (non-graphing) calculator for the review course and the exam

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