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2 Day Baltimore Event Planning Certificate April 21-22, 2018

Correlations Event Training
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Apr 21 1:00PM - 4:00PM


April 21-22, 2018


(Inner Harbor)

300 South Charles Street

Baltimore, MD 21201

1:00 PM-4:00 PM each day

Registration Fee $495

Includes the Event Planning Certification Training Program, Workbook, Supporting Materials, Assessment Fees, and Event Planning Certification. Upon completion, you will become a Certified Event Planner (CEP).

Class has limited seating for 24 participants. Registration is accepted on a first come first serve basis.


Why Become A Certified Event Planner?

A certification opens the doors to opportunities to work with hotels, resorts, conferences, casinos, non profit organizations, corporations, religious organizations, and even more.

Award of Certificate

To earn a certificate, participants must complete the required accelerated training within two days. Students must complete an event planning assignment and a rigorous assessment in order to earn the certificate. Students who fail the course will not be recorded as attending the program.


The Event Planning Certificate Program is non-refundable or transferable.

Core course content includes:

Introduction to Special Events

Meeting Planning Basics

Food and Beverage Planning

Event Marketing and Promotion

Site Selection and Contract Negotiation

Financial Management of Meetings & Events

Starting your Own Business in the Meeting and Event Planning Industry

Sponsorship and Fundraising

Social Media in Event Marketing and Planning

Event Portfolio Tips


Introduction to Special Events

Learn how to plan successful special events such as receptions, grand openings, and theme parties. We will provide you with the basic guidelines and tips you need to identify the purpose of the event, define the event's format, select a location, and develop event activities.

Meeting Planning Basics

You have been given the responsibility of planning an event. Let us show you where to begin. By learning just a few of the basic concepts involved in planning or coordinating a meeting, you can ensure a smooth running event. We will provide you with valuable resources for finding information, checklists, and event vendors. We also give you information about career opportunities in the event planning industry.

Food and Beverage Planning

Learn how to enhance your programs with successful food and beverage planning. We will explain policies and guarantees. We will also provide formulas for order pricing, tips on menu planning, and how to plan for special menus and theme parties. We will teach you how to effectively communicate with catering staff, how to read contracts and confirmations, and on-site coordination guidelines.

Event Marketing and Promotion

Effective marketing and promotion to your audience is critical to your event's success. You will learn several marketing tools and techniques, and how to use them to your organization's advantage. You will get practical strategies in creating an event marketing communication action plan before, during, and after your program.

Site Selection & Negotiation

Selecting a location is a complicated process involving more than just booking rooms or choosing menus. We will cover how to make the initial contact with a site, what to negotiate, effective site inspection, how to contract with a site, cancellation clauses, and ADA requirements.

Financial Management of Meetings and Events

Creating a budget and developing a plan to implement it are essential for the success of any meeting or event. Participants will learn how to forecast revenues and expenses, how to prepare spreadsheets, cost control, and profit and loss analysis. Bring your calculator if you are ready to dive into the core of professional event planning!

Starting your Own Business in the Meeting and Event Planning Industry

When is the best time to start your own business? Think you have what it takes to succeed? We will explore the basics in building an event business, from building your reputation and potential client base, to effective marketing, available resources and the necessary steps to help you succeed.

Sponsorships and Fundraising

Learn how to generate multiple revenue streams, design and sell corporate sponsorships, and get free Marketing and Public Relations for your events.

Social Media in Event Marketing and Planning

Learn how to use Social Media to increase attendance at your meeting or event. A lack of event marketing is the number one reason why events fail. Marketing starts months prior to the event with announcing. During the event you can continue to market to those who couldn't make it. After the event you can promote your next event.

Event Portfolio Tips

Learn how to create a portfolio with or without experience by using the tools and resources obtained in the Event Planning Certificate Program.

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