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1856 Battle of Seattle: Walking the Battlefield at Pioneer Sq.

Seattle History Field Trips
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Endorsed by Curators:
Jan 21 2:00PM - 5:00PM

What we'll do
Around 8am on the morning of Jan. 26th 1856, federal indian agent for Puget Sound Doc Maynard had been fretfully pacing the beach at Suquamish when he heard the unmistakable reports of naval artillery thundering across the sound. The anticipated Battle for Seattle had begun.

Difficult as it may be to imagine today with its upscale boutiques, restaurants and chocolatiers, Pioneer Square was once upon a time a battlefield on which the fate of Puget Sound was decided. Barely two human lifespans ago United States sailors and marines took positions along breastworks at 1st Ave. and Pioneer Square then gallantly charged up James Street against a host of confederated tribes. A howitzer once fired lethal salvos from the site of the present day fire station. While the US sloop-of-war Decatur swayed at anchor at the foot of Washington St. and fired its battery into the forest along present-day 3rd Ave. The hapless 14 year old Milton Holgate met his tragic demised in the doorway of the blockhouse which stood at the site of the Cherry Street 7-Eleven. We will visit these locations and more as we walk the old battlefield. Then we will repair to the observation floor of the Smith Tower which towers directly above the battlefield, to have a drink and discuss the fates of the battles protagonists: the courageous chiefs Leschi & Owhi, Chief Seattle, Yestler, Denny, the captain and crew of the Decatur and others. See you then!

What to bring
Walking shoes. Maybe an umbrella? Your own knowledge, stories and anecdotes to share.

Important to know
We will meet in Pioneer Square Park at 2:00pm. Walking distance is 1.5 miles with some small hills. Smith Tower Observation floor ticket cost $12 with WA State drivers license.

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