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14th Annual Preschool Faire

FUN Mother's Club
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Feb 10 9:00AM - 1:00PM

Looking for Preschools & Enrichment Programs?

There's the perfect event coming soon where you can find information about these programs all in one place!

We're excited to announce the 14th annual Preschool Faire. This Tri-City wide Faire brings together over 20 preschools, language schools and extracurricular programs designed for preschoolers and elementary aged kids under one roof. This is a unique opportunity to research what options are available to your child for preschool and beyond in the Tri-City area.

The Faire is open to all and there is no cost to attend. Bring your children - there will be plenty of activities to keep them entertained!

There will be a raffle during our Preschool Faire; each family will receive one raffle ticket and those who bring in donations for the Bravery Bags (listed below) will receive additional raffle tickets.

February is Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Month. CHDs affect roughly 1 in 100 babies and 25% of them will require surgery. It is the most frequently occurring birth defect, often to mothers with no high risk factors. In fact, at least three current FUN Mothers Club members have children born with CHDs. To create awareness of this cause, we will host a drive to create Bravery Bags through Mended Little Hearts for children undergoing open heart surgery at UCSF and Stanford. Providing these donations makes hospital stays more comfortable for the children and their families during this stressful time. One of our members has a baby who underwent open heart surgery in September 2016; she can vouch that care packages go a long way and are very appreciated.

Here are the items needed for Bravery Bags:

Plastic sandwich bags, small stuffed animals (beanie baby sized), eight count crayon packs, coloring books, sudoku/crossword puzzle books, blank journals, pocket-sized tissue packs, lip balm, travel-sized hand sanitizer, travel-sized toiletries, hard candy.

There is also a Mended Little Hearts Amazon wishlist here:

A detailed directory with program information is available to FUNMC members only.

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