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14th Annual Chinese Dinner: Year Of The Dog!

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Feb 13 7:00PM - 10:00PM

It's that time of year again... the Chinese New Year! This will be the fourteenth consecutive year I've hosted my annual Chinese New Year celebration at the Hot Wok; for 2018, we commence the year of the Dog!

For those of you familiar with it, I need say no more. For those of you not, then it can be summed up very simply: The best Chinese food in St Louis, maybe in the entire midwest!

Cuisine - I know what you're thinking... is it really all that good? Let me answer simply: Yes! Old favorites that you've had everywhere will simply be better here. For example, Sesame Chicken is not the breaded and fried chunks found elsewhere; it's shredded white meat in a light sweet sauce. Sweet and Sour Pork is available here made from tenderloin. The Honey Walnut Prawns here are just the best available anywhere, period. Even the Hot and Sour Soup here is the best I've ever tasted. But more than that, you'll find some dishes here you may have never seen before. My own favorite is the Manchurian Beef, which is marinated beef strips, fried, then sauteed in a sweet sauce the likes of which you've never imagined! Or their sesame beef... thin sliced strips of flank steak in the best sesame sauce you've ever tasted. Or try the Gan Pung beef (you have to ask for their Korean-Chinese menu to find that one), a fried beef with totally unique flavors and sauce served with carrots. And I've barely scratched the surface of the menu. Beef, pork, chicken, seafood, vegetables, rice... they have the entire gamut. And every one of them is simply superb.

Price - Hot Wok isn't the cheapest Chinese place around, but it's still reasonably priced. The main dishes start from around $10, average in the mid teens, and top out a bit over $20 for a couple of the fanciest dishes, usually seafood. In my book, though, their prices are great for such awesome food!

Other Info - Hot Wok is remarkably tricky to find. In order to give one simple set of directions, just follow these: Exit I-64 at Hwy 141 and go SOUTH; then exit Hwy 141 at the FIRST exit on the right, which is labeled Woods Mill Rd S Outer Forty Dr; bear hard right so that you have essentially made a complete U-turn and are now heading north on Woods Mill Rd; go to the first signal and turn left; go to the second driveway on the left and turn left into the parking lot; you're now looking straight at the restaurant, almost exactly in the center of the strip. Tons of parking.

This year I'm doing something a bit different; I'm using a different restaurant (gasp!) for my other group, so this dinner will be just us and therefore quite a bit smaller!

As with some of my other dinners, you can spread your arrival between 6:30 and 7:00. This will help to keep things moving smoothly as they won't be trying to take dozens of orders simultaneously! They are quite experienced with large groups, but still plan on enjoying socializing during and after dinner.

Chinese food is meant to be shared, and with all the awesome choices here, it would be great if you choose to do so, but of course you're not obligated. Naturally they will do separate checks, but remember the rule is that if you order it, it'll be on your check.

I'll be looking forward to seeing all my foodie friends at the Hot Wok on Tuesday, February 13th, for my 14th annual Chinese New Year dinner!

Hot Wok Cafe (

How to find us:The host will show you to our tables!

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