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Curated for Me

1 Year 2 Fit

Dan Maher
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Feb 10 10:00AM - 12:00PM

Do you want tolearn some secrets to losing weight? Are you struggling with obesity, stress, fatigue? Aches and pains or a lack of energy?

Do you mostly feel overweight,? Out of shape? Stressed out ?or just unhappy? Let me show you how to achieve more energy less stress , less aches and pains, and over all better health

  • The journey to fit
  • Setting goals
  • Why diets don't work in the long run
  • Win against cravings
  • How to plan meals
  • How your body manufactures energy
  • Water is life
  • Rules for healthy eating
  • Planning with your family in mind
  • Challenge & accountability groups
  • And more

You will learn how to plan to eat and WIN!!!

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