Don’t be Stuck with Someone Else’s Event Categorization

Event categorization usually results in people seeing events they don’t want to see. There are a couple of key problems.

Part of the problem is the old “Garbage In, Garbage Out” predicament. And to make it worse, what if you want categories from your event source and the categories don’t exist? EventUpon starts by aggregating events into the largest, processed and managed event database. The events are then available to customers via an API.

Historically EventUpon has gotten events that have a categorization but the categorization is no good. EventUpon figured there had to be a better way. So EventUpon decided to let the customers decide on what categories they want…because no one knows better than the customer.

The customer then tells EventUpon what categories they want and what they are looking for in each category. EventUpon then builds a custom categorization which gives the customer the events they want with the categorization they want. It’s that simple!