Local Events in Your Neighborhood – Your Event Source

Local events are part of every vibrant neighborhood. EventUpon finds and collects the local events to be the event source which websites can use to be a better neighbor.

EventUpon is the Biggest Database of Local Events

EventUpon’s proven technology aggregates millions of events every year from thousands of sources. It makes the events available to clients, big and small.   Frederick Innovative Technology Center, Inc. (FITCI) opens doors for entrepreneurs in Frederick, Maryland.  It uses EventUpon to populate the events page on its website.

EventUpon aggregates events from event registration sites and public calendars such as EventBrite, Meetup, RunSignUp, TicketLeap, Picatic, Google calendars and many more.  That makes EventUpon the biggest event aggregator in the world. However, there is much more to having the most current, relevant and quality event data. EventUpon processes the event data with quality checks, geo-coding (latitude and longitude), categorization, event changes and more.  And EventUpon has all types of events, including community, tech, business, networking, non-profit, government, family, arts, sports and anything else going on at the local level.

When the websites needed events from organizations not in the EventUpon database at the time, EventUpon added the organizations.  This meant that they could get all of the events…from one source.

Event API

EventUpon provides the events to clients via an API (Application Programming Interface).  The EventUpon event API can be called with different inputs, such as location, timeframe, organization, and category.  EventUpon allows clients to not just select categories but to actually define the categories they want which are applied to all events.

Unlimited Access

EventUpon allows  FITCI to get unlimited access to all of the local events they needed.  How neighborly!