MilkCrate’s Platform Thrives with EventUpon Event API Integration

MilkCrate’s vision is to help organizations track and grow their social and environmental impact. Each MilkCrate client receives their own gamified app and behavioral economics platform to challenge their users to act. As a result, client’s increase engagement and streamline impact tracking so they can reach their goals.

Need for Event Data

For many MilkCrate clients, one of the most important activities for their users is the events. Some clients have tons of internal events every week or month, like volunteering, cleanups, health activities, workshops etc. However, other clients are organizations that want to challenge their users to attend external events as well.

To help clients easily add these additional events, MilkCrate needed an easy way to get, find and add those events into their platform. And with their growth they were going to need events across the country. They originally planned to pull the events themselves but realized the challenges with that approach.

Event API Integration

MilkCrate decided that the the EventUpon API would meet their event API integration requirements. They could call the API and get the right events for the right clients but they needed custom categorization. They wanted to be able to define their own categories and get events only from those categories. EventUpon already had categorization capabilities as part of its recommendation engine. It simply needed to make that categorization customizable by the client. Requirement solved!

It turns out that EventUpon does a lot more than aggregate millions of events from thousands of sources, such as EventBrite, Meetup, RunSignUp, Facebook, Google calendars and more. There are quality and completeness checks on all event data. EventUpon geo-codes events for their precise location. And then checks for duplicates and a blacklist for inappropriate events. And because events are frequently updated or cancelled, EventUpon regularly checks for any changes to the events.


Morgan Berman, Founder and CEO of MilkCrate: “EventUpon’s event API feed helps MilkCrate’s clients readily generate useful content for their users. This tool saves us time and helps us better serve our clients – all good things!”