Philly New Tech Meetup Pilots Event Reviews

Philly New Tech Meetup (PNTM) is one of the biggest and most thriving Meetups in Philadelphia or anywhere. PNTM has put on great events which has led to tremendous growth which has led to improving the offering and so the cycle has continued. But it takes a lot of work to stay in tune with what attendees want.

Mike Krupit, who has led PNTM since the beginning three years ago, is always looking for feedback and continued growth which is why he agreed to be the pilot organization for Event Reviews, crowdsourced ratings and reviews from EventUpon. Krupit: “Event Reviews gives me a way to get immediate feedback to our events and all I do is include a link in our emails.”

The growth of events has made the competition for attendees even harder. So how do you stand out? Event Reviews provide ratings and relevant information about events. Krupit added: “The reviews on PNTM have been consistently positive and should give people more reason to try PNTM.” Check out the PNTM reviews.

Event Reviews are available now for any organization. All they need to do is include a link to their organization page in EventUpon. Organizations can contact with any questions.

The beauty of crowdsourced Event Reviews means that anyone with a free EventUpon account can review an event.

Event Reviews are a capability whose time has come and will help attendees and organizations.

Written by Chris Baeckstrom.