At Last, Event Reviews

Almost all of us read reviews to help make decisions, whether it’s for travel or shopping or just about anything else. But finding reviews for events has been nearly impossible. Fact: 91% of us read online reviews. At EventUpon we think its time to have reviews for events too.

The increase in the number of events makes it even harder to find good events. No one wants to waste their time at lousy events. Especially when there are so many excellent events. Whatever your reason for going to events, whether it is learning, entertainment, networking, socializing, volunteering or something else, there’s nothing like a great event.

EventUpon believes in the value of events too and has been a leader in collecting events. EventUpon has expanded the sources of events to include Meetup, EventBrite, Facebook, Google calendars, and much more.

Event Reviews should deliver additional value for the seasoned event guru to someone new to events or just new to the area. And that’s what Event Reviews will do. Anyone will be able to see event reviews and authors simply need a free EventUpon account. There will be ratings and information on what has made past events valuable or a waste of time. Reviewers will also share what type of people, how many people, is the venue easy or hard to find and all of the information you’d want to know.

Studies have shown that people write reviews for many reasons from wanting to share information with the community to wanting thank an organization or point out ways to improve. We welcome it all.

EventUpon has partnered with Philly New Tech Meetup for a pilot of Event Reviews. Here’s a link to the Philly New Tech Meetup page on EventUpon with its rating and the number of reviews that have been written. Click on the number and see the reviews.

Event Reviews will be visible on And Comcast, which has been a leader in using events to engage with the community, will have events and event reviews from EventUpon on its EveryBlock platform. At last, Event Reviews are here!