EventUpon API is available now!

EventUpon helps organizations that want to have an event calendar on their website. You can specify your own organization or other organizations and those events will automatically be on you calendar.
Our calendar works on any website, we have a WordPress plugin and now we are announcing an API so that you can use your own calendar.
The EventUpon API is being used by EveryBlock and Startup Here Toronto. They use their own calendar with EventUpon API automatically populating their calendar.

Many organizations use an event registration system, like EventBrite or Meetup, and enter their events. They want to have them on their website but that means manually entering them again. Or they also want their calendar to be a regional calendar with events from other organizations and that means entering them manually. So what do they do when they want to use their own event calendar but they don’t want to have to manually enter events into it.  EventUpon can now provide all of the events they want to populate their own calendar. EventUpon allows them to choose their organization’s events or events from other organizations.

The EventUpon API document defines the simple call and results. You get your token by following the steps to Install Calendar in EventUpon. If you have any questions, the FAQ will walk you through it.