EventUpon API is available now!

EventUpon helps organizations that want to have an event calendar on their website. You can specify your own organization or other organizations and those events will automatically be on you calendar.
Our calendar works on any website, we have a WordPress plugin and now we are announcing an API so that you can use your own calendar.
The EventUpon API is being used by EveryBlock and Startup Here Toronto. They use their own calendar with EventUpon API automatically populating their calendar.

Many organizations use an event registration system, like EventBrite or Meetup, and enter their events. They want to have them on their website but that means manually entering them again. Or they also want their calendar to be a regional calendar with events from other organizations and that means entering them manually. So what do they do when they want to use their own event calendar but they don’t want to have to manually enter events into it.  EventUpon can now provide all of the events they want to populate their own calendar. EventUpon allows them to choose their organization’s events or events from other organizations.

The EventUpon API document defines the simple call and results. You get your token by following the steps to Install Calendar in EventUpon. If you have any questions, the FAQ will walk you through it.


An event for event planners – Today: Philadelphia, Tomorrow: The World?

Each quarter in Philadelphia we convene the most seasoned and newest community event planners to share best practices, challenges and opportunities around our events.  We originally called it Convening the Conveners but it’s now called #ConvenePHL as we look at possibly having #Convene events in new cities.

EventUpon began this free event two years ago in Philadelphia and we continue to hold it quarterly. It has become a valuable resource the last two years so now we have partnered with Witty Gritty to spread the word and make it even more valuable.

#ConvenePHL next event is June 28. The topic is “Beyond the Event: Keeping the Momentum”. Check it out here.

Want to see a #ConveneXYZ where you are? Let us know at http://www.eventupon.com/convening.

LinkedIn Group: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8105842

Startup Here Toronto is Making Connections

Startup Here Toronto connects growing businesses to what they need: funding, mentors, advisers or a place to build their product. And EventUpon helps them do it.

What are the benefits of EventUpon for Startup Here Toronto? Chris Rickett, Manager, Entrepreneurship Services, Economic Development & Culture, City of Toronto: “EventUpon allows us to identify new events happening in the area and then allows us to aggregate them on our site.”
Startup Here Toronto wanted an events feed and already had a calendar so they chose the EventUpon API to automatically populate their calendar. They initially selected a small group of organizations that they wanted and have increased that to over 100 organizations.
Why is EventUpon important to Startup Here Toronto?: Rickett: “Our goal is to aggregate all of the events for startups in the community – EventUpon helps us do this.”

What makes EventUpon different from other event tools?

There are plenty of great event tools that event planners use for event registration, event marketing, event promotion, etc. like Meetup, EventBrite, TicketLeap, etc. Why does anyone need one more tool?

If you want those events listed on your website, you’ve got to manually add them. You can put on your website an EventUpon calendar, we call it AutoPOP, because it is automatically populated with your events. That’s nice.

Would you like to turn the event calendar on your website into a community calendar or regional calendar with your events and other events? You could have events that your audience is interested in and keep them more engaged on your website. EventUpon can automatically populate your calendar with events that are not even yours. Other tools can’t do that.

That’s different.