MilkCrate’s Platform Thrives with EventUpon Event API Integration

MilkCrate’s vision is to help organizations track and grow their social and environmental impact. Each MilkCrate client receives their own gamified app and behavioral economics platform to challenge their users to act. As a result, client’s increase engagement and streamline impact tracking so they can reach their goals.

Need for Event Data

For many MilkCrate clients, one of the most important activities for their users is the events. Some clients have tons of internal events every week or month, like volunteering, cleanups, health activities, workshops etc. However, other clients are organizations that want to challenge their users to attend external events as well.

To help clients easily add these additional events, MilkCrate needed an easy way to get, find and add those events into their platform. And with their growth they were going to need events across the country. They originally planned to pull the events themselves but realized the challenges with that approach.

Event API Integration

MilkCrate decided that the the EventUpon API would meet their event API integration requirements. They could call the API and get the right events for the right clients but they needed custom categorization. They wanted to be able to define their own categories and get events only from those categories. EventUpon already had categorization capabilities as part of its recommendation engine. It simply needed to make that categorization customizable by the client. Requirement solved!

It turns out that EventUpon does a lot more than aggregate millions of events from thousands of sources, such as EventBrite, Meetup, RunSignUp, Facebook, Google calendars and more. There are quality and completeness checks on all event data. EventUpon geo-codes events for their precise location. And then checks for duplicates and a blacklist for inappropriate events. And because events are frequently updated or cancelled, EventUpon regularly checks for any changes to the events.


Morgan Berman, Founder and CEO of MilkCrate: “EventUpon’s event API feed helps MilkCrate’s clients readily generate useful content for their users. This tool saves us time and helps us better serve our clients – all good things!”

Philly New Tech Meetup Pilots Event Reviews

Philly New Tech Meetup (PNTM) is one of the biggest and most thriving Meetups in Philadelphia or anywhere. PNTM has put on great events which has led to tremendous growth which has led to improving the offering and so the cycle has continued. But it takes a lot of work to stay in tune with what attendees want.

Mike Krupit, who has led PNTM since the beginning three years ago, is always looking for feedback and continued growth which is why he agreed to be the pilot organization for Event Reviews, crowdsourced ratings and reviews from EventUpon. Krupit: “Event Reviews gives me a way to get immediate feedback to our events and all I do is include a link in our emails.”

The growth of events has made the competition for attendees even harder. So how do you stand out? Event Reviews provide ratings and relevant information about events. Krupit added: “The reviews on PNTM have been consistently positive and should give people more reason to try PNTM.” Check out the PNTM reviews.

Event Reviews are available now for any organization. All they need to do is include a link to their organization page in EventUpon. Organizations can contact with any questions.

The beauty of crowdsourced Event Reviews means that anyone with a free EventUpon account can review an event.

Event Reviews are a capability whose time has come and will help attendees and organizations.

Written by Chris Baeckstrom.

At Last, Event Reviews

Almost all of us read reviews to help make decisions, whether it’s for travel or shopping or just about anything else. But finding reviews for events has been nearly impossible. Fact: 91% of us read online reviews. At EventUpon we think its time to have reviews for events too.

The increase in the number of events makes it even harder to find good events. No one wants to waste their time at lousy events. Especially when there are so many excellent events. Whatever your reason for going to events, whether it is learning, entertainment, networking, socializing, volunteering or something else, there’s nothing like a great event.

EventUpon believes in the value of events too and has been a leader in collecting events. EventUpon has expanded the sources of events to include Meetup, EventBrite, Facebook, Google calendars, and much more.

Event Reviews should deliver additional value for the seasoned event guru to someone new to events or just new to the area. And that’s what Event Reviews will do. Anyone will be able to see event reviews and authors simply need a free EventUpon account. There will be ratings and information on what has made past events valuable or a waste of time. Reviewers will also share what type of people, how many people, is the venue easy or hard to find and all of the information you’d want to know.

Studies have shown that people write reviews for many reasons from wanting to share information with the community to wanting thank an organization or point out ways to improve. We welcome it all.

EventUpon has partnered with Philly New Tech Meetup for a pilot of Event Reviews. Here’s a link to the Philly New Tech Meetup page on EventUpon with its rating and the number of reviews that have been written. Click on the number and see the reviews.

Event Reviews will be visible on And Comcast, which has been a leader in using events to engage with the community, will have events and event reviews from EventUpon on its EveryBlock platform. At last, Event Reviews are here!

How Comcast Engages the Community with Events – by Chris Baeckstrom

People can’t get enough of events. There are millions of events in the US and Canada each year with tremendous growth.

For example, Meetup now has 30 million members and 4 million monthly RSVP’s in events from tech to fun.  Leading event registration site EventBrite reported that millennials drove a one year increase of 47% in Food, Wine and Beer events. And don’t forget about business networking, entertainment, civic, and continuing education.

Comcast, which is now a leader in media and technology, took an innovative approach to reach their communities through events. They knew that events are an integral part of the community. So Comcast began the Local Media Development team (LMD) to create digital products and platforms that help people discover and share information with communities they care about. 

Comcast had found that news stories were passive but events encouraged engagement and action within the community and on the website which makes them premium content! The LMD platform EveryBlock organizes local news, community info, and most importantly events at the neighborhood level.

Event information or data must be managed or you’ll have bad data that is wrong or incomplete or worse. Data must be checked for quality and completeness. Event information is frequently updated or even deleted so an event can not just be pulled and forgotten about. It should also be checked for inappropriate content and categorized. 

Comcast chose EventUpon to provide event data to Comcast beginning in 2013 to allow LMD to focus on the community. Internal stakeholders led Comcast’s need for additional event sources, custom categorization and responsive support which EventUpon has successfully delivered.

As the number of events have grown Comcast has needed more events which EventUpon has handled by expanding the sources of events for Comcast to include Meetup, EventBrite, Facebook, Google calendars, and more. All without any effort by Comcast.

EventUpon then provides data to Comcast via an Application Programming Interface or API, recently written up in Programmable Web. This eliminates the need for manual effort and resulting mistakes.

EventUpon is now working on what may be the next big thing: Event Reviews. Today 91% of consumers regularly or occasionally read online reviews for travel, restaurants and more. Event reviews will help people find the best events with ratings and information. Event reviews will be valuable to organizations too with their two big goals: differentiate their event and get feedback on their events in an easy way. 

Events are content that helps Comcast connect with the community in ways they never could before, today and in the future.

Chris Baeckstrom

EventUpon API is available now!

EventUpon helps organizations that want to have an event calendar on their website. You can specify your own organization or other organizations and those events will automatically be on you calendar.
Our calendar works on any website, we have a WordPress plugin and now we are announcing an API so that you can use your own calendar.
The EventUpon API is being used by EveryBlock and Startup Here Toronto. They use their own calendar with EventUpon API automatically populating their calendar.

Many organizations use an event registration system, like EventBrite or Meetup, and enter their events. They want to have them on their website but that means manually entering them again. Or they also want their calendar to be a regional calendar with events from other organizations and that means entering them manually. So what do they do when they want to use their own event calendar but they don’t want to have to manually enter events into it.  EventUpon can now provide all of the events they want to populate their own calendar. EventUpon allows them to choose their organization’s events or events from other organizations.

The EventUpon API document defines the simple call and results. You get your token by following the steps to Install Calendar in EventUpon. If you have any questions, the FAQ will walk you through it.


An event for event planners – Today: Philadelphia, Tomorrow: The World?

Each quarter in Philadelphia we convene the most seasoned and newest community event planners to share best practices, challenges and opportunities around our events.  We originally called it Convening the Conveners but it’s now called #ConvenePHL as we look at possibly having #Convene events in new cities.

EventUpon began this free event two years ago in Philadelphia and we continue to hold it quarterly. It has become a valuable resource the last two years so now we have partnered with Witty Gritty to spread the word and make it even more valuable.

#ConvenePHL next event is June 28. The topic is “Beyond the Event: Keeping the Momentum”. Check it out here.

Want to see a #ConveneXYZ where you are? Let us know at

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Startup Here Toronto is Making Connections

Startup Here Toronto connects growing businesses to what they need: funding, mentors, advisers or a place to build their product. And EventUpon helps them do it.

What are the benefits of EventUpon for Startup Here Toronto? Chris Rickett, Manager, Entrepreneurship Services, Economic Development & Culture, City of Toronto: “EventUpon allows us to identify new events happening in the area and then allows us to aggregate them on our site.”
Startup Here Toronto wanted an events feed and already had a calendar so they chose the EventUpon API to automatically populate their calendar. They initially selected a small group of organizations that they wanted and have increased that to over 100 organizations.
Why is EventUpon important to Startup Here Toronto?: Rickett: “Our goal is to aggregate all of the events for startups in the community – EventUpon helps us do this.”

What makes EventUpon different from other event tools?

There are plenty of great event tools that event planners use for event registration, event marketing, event promotion, etc. like Meetup, EventBrite, TicketLeap, etc. Why does anyone need one more tool?

If you want those events listed on your website, you’ve got to manually add them. You can put on your website an EventUpon calendar, we call it AutoPOP, because it is automatically populated with your events. That’s nice.

Would you like to turn the event calendar on your website into a community calendar or regional calendar with your events and other events? You could have events that your audience is interested in and keep them more engaged on your website. EventUpon can automatically populate your calendar with events that are not even yours. Other tools can’t do that.

That’s different.